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    Ranks and Roles




    discordpvt.png.687f3eecb9883a05cd9fc741e COMMUNITY MEMBER (CM)

    Community Members is the rank (and Discord role) members get upon joining the Community. CMs are eligible to join a team, receive awards, and get access to the internal community forums as well as other perks for being a part of the Community.


    discordcpl.png.87a8f8887ed87809091038373 VETERAN MEMBER (VM)

    Veteran Members are Community Members who are actively involved, in good-standing within the Community and their leadership, and have been with us for six months. Veteran Members are eligible to take an extended absence without being separated from the Community.


    discordsgt.png.c6d6d4f3d205de0b17f4e58ad SENIOR MEMBER (SM)

    Senior Members are Veteran Members who have been around awhile, have roots in several teams/games within the Community, and are considered "core" members by their peers and by leadership. Senior Members are voted in by leadership after an extensive review of their time here. They automatically become members of the Senior Council--an advisory body which receives inputs from around the community and provides feedback to the leadership in order to enhance and shape the strategic direction of the Community.


    awards_ensign_rank.png.21a5043a05583ac9aLIEUTENANT (LT)

    Lieutenants  are the first ranks within the Officer corps. Lieutenants usually serve as Executive Officers (XO) of Companies/Squadrons or a similar position within a staff section. 


    awards_Lieutenant_rank.png.bfe0f544fbe37CAPTAIN (CPT)

    Captains have been in leadership for awhile and are usually promoted to lead a Company/Squadron as its Commanding Officer (CO) or a similar position within a staff section.


    awards_Lieutenantcmdr_rank.png.69f16ed4bMAJOR (MAJ)

    Majors are Command Element (CE) officers who are usually promoted to lead a Division as its commander or a similar position within the Command Element.


    awards_captain_rank.png.041115c2420f6043COLONEL (COL)

    Leader of the Fighting 13th. 

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