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Found 5 results

  1. This is a friendly match against F-C to practice clan battle tactics. 7v7 tier 10 battles.
  2. until
    In July 2018, Officer Stormwolfe of Warships NA passed away. In memory of Stormwolfe, the tournament he started was renamed after him, and now It's time for the Third edition of The Stormwolfe Cup This tournament's setup is based on how many people will RSVP. So please do! Normally we play this in a low tier so everyone, new and old players, can participate in teams of 3-4 players. The teams are "randomly" selected with a small touch of balancing. We will also make our best to stream and comment all matches between the teams so those not playing can be part of all the tournament. The winning team from respective server will also will clash in a final a few weeks later to see what FT13 clan rules the ocean until next time! EU Info: (more info and rules over here: At EU we will be playing Tier IV and prizes will be as follows: 500 coal for participation. 5000 coal per player for the winning team. 150 steel per player for the winning team. Tier V Yahagi - Yamamoto reward - Best strategic decision made judged by hindsight. Tier V Viribus Unitis - Last man standing - Best attempt made by a player who was the only one left against 2 or 3 enemies to try and win the game. special prizes will be given as well, But this will be kept secret until after the cup. NA Info: (more info and rules over here: ) At NA we will be playing Tier VII and prizes will be as follows: - 4000 coal per player for the winning team - 3500 dubloons per player for the winning team. - 1000 coal per player for the runners up. - 1250 dubloons per player for the runners up - Weekend pass for participation (2days of premuim and 500 dubloons)
  3. KOTS sign up is here. To be played on October 6TH, 9 vs 9 format. RSVP to this event so we can get an understanding of who wants to join. 1. DATES AND INFO Qualifers are played on Oct 6, at 15.00 CEST Rules and all other info here: 2. TEAMS Your team must sign up with a list of at least nine players. They do not need to all be from the same clan. Do not sign up unless you are confident you will be able to bring a full team. 3. TAGS Add your team tag (e.g. [TTT] Ataww) to your discord name and add the correct server in the #roles channel so we can place you in the right channels 4. TEAM REPRESENTATIVES Each team has two people who will be our main contact points. If you are your team's rep let us know in #rep-role-request 5. DISCORD We use discord exclusively to coordinate King of the Sea. Please follow the announcements and be available here on game days. You can use the web version or download the app: 6. SIGN-UP LINK Sign-up will open at 18.00 CEST on Sept 26:
  4. until
    MAN YOUR BATTLESTATIONS! Kings of the 13th is here! We are going to have a little tournament between all EU members! Whoever wins, will hopefully play the NA winning team. Tier of choice THREE! That's right! Noob ships only! No premium ships allowed either to make sure everyone has a level playing field. Teams will be of 3 members and the tournament will be run in a single elimination bracket format. Prizes will be provided by myself to the winner of the tournament. (Example Below) You will be assigned teammates on the day randomly with seeding in place (stop Wez, Yas and Pred getting in a team together!) To enter you need to sign up for the website and register an interest to this event. Hopefully I will also stream most of the matches that I can so we can watch all the games Happy Hunting!
  5. Scags


    Monty salvo from quite some time ago