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  1. Show of your best screenshots Take pics with or without your crew Show off your loot hawl or just the nice view
  2. until
    The wait for the first content update is over! Join our crew on The Hungering Deep's launch night and be among the first pirates to face the newest dangers on or under the seas! (hopefully no allmondbeards are amongst the perils) Our focus will be on discovering the new PVE adventures, but bring your bloodthirst as we're sure to clash into some PVP along the way.
  3. A most addictive game This post will be edited Crews list Honorary titles Ingame best moments First honorary title goes to @ARM0R3R Seal team one for jumping ship, and swimming into the Kraken caught ship and stealing a chest. Legend Goes to @whiskeyf0x for been our first legendary pirate
  4. Chris P Bacon

    Pirate games

    Pirate games Let try and find the ultimate multiplayer pirate game So far SoT is awesome fun Beta for Skull and bones signups
  5. Read them fresh here :
  6. The first big update, coming this May, is called The Hungering Deep. It will add a new AI threat, as well as new mechanics and rewards. This summer, the Cursed Sails update will include a new ship type, and then Forsaken Shores will add a new area to the map. After that, three more updates are planned for release by the end of 2018.
  7. Guest

    Tips for new pirates!

    General Tips and Efficiency · Sword dashing is the single most important thing you must learn to be efficient. By charging your sword attack as you prepare to move across water, you'll glide effortlessly and have insane momentum, allowing you to move very quickly across any body of water or from a high place into water, transferring fall momentum as well · You can gain more control over the sword dash by blocking before charging up the dash. This will allow regular movement speed while committing to the two second charge. Jumping at the very end will also give you a small movement boost, but you have to time it right · Mermaid respawns are extremely useful. Whenever you see a message in a bottle or barrels with supplies, have one or two crewmates sword dash off the ship, stock up, and then mermaid back to the ship · Islands will occasionally have items like coffers and goblets on the shore. If you see a glistening spot on the short it'll be one of these or a message in a bottle. Sword dash onto the island, if it's a message in a bottle respawn with mermaids, if it's an item be quick and have your crew sail near the island so you can hop right back on. No stops needed · Shipwrecks are very lucrative. My record is at six different items in a single shipwreck, ranging from merchant crates, to chests, to skulls. The average is around two per shipwreck, definitely making them a worthwhile detour · Rain will slowly fill your ship with water, it's best to have someone actively bucketing out water throughout. Storms will also create holes in your ship due to the waves and lightning, the game will indicate this with specific sound effects · Holes on the second floor of a galleon's hull are irrelevant until water sinks the third floor and rises to the level of the second floor. Then if you have multiple holes you will insta-sink for the most part. Always focus on the bottom floor holes before anything else · Voyages are randomly generated on an island the moment you vote for them and they become active. The target island will always be one fairly nearby. This is helpful information if you want to have target islands near a specific area or skullfort · You can look at the map much more effectively on the sloop by simply looking back behind the anchor instead of moving downstairs. The same can be done on the galleon by looking through the railing right in front of the captain's quarters, saving valuable seconds every time · There are specific anti-stuck zones in areas like outposts that you can abuse to get to your ship faster. Once you find one, remember it's location and you can use it to quickly teleport back to your ship regardless of it's location(black screen and then instant respawn to ship) · If you need gunpowder barrels, just go to a Fort. There are a ton there, as well as a lot of different resources(cannonballs, planks and bananas) · You move sails 3x as fast when two people are moving them, one on each side · I generally always have an empty inventory if not in a combat phase. Keep only two or three bananas and dump everything else when you have the chance. This allows you to constantly gain resources when completing missions on islands, diving into a shipwreck or when boarding an enemy ship · When buying ship cosmetics, you equip them after your ship spawns in when you first start on a server. This allows multiple players to equip different items(hull re-color, sails, etc), it's a shared cosmetic menu basically · Anchors are not needed. Simply raising your sails drastically removes speed, and you will go incrementally slower if your sails are quarter raised, half raised or quarter lowered. By drawing all three sails on a galleon, you should come to a progressive halt if your wheel is straight. In this position you can easily rotate your ship without moving, which allows for great control if you need to turn and fire cannons quickly · It's hard to convince some players to stop using anchors. If you prefer the guaranteed easy stop of an anchor, feel free to drop it and then have a player catch it right before it drops. You can hold the anchor's position this way when nearing an island while the captain makes adjustments, then drop at the very last moment without any delay PvP Tips · Pistols are best for PvE. Blunderbuss is best for PvP. A blunderbuss is a one hit kill 90% of the time if the barrel is on the enemy's body. If you're a boarder, this is your go to weapon. Enemy on a cannon hasn't spotted you? Blunderbuss. Dead. Enemy repairing a hole down below? Blunderbuss. Dead. Enemy steering the wheel on their ship? Blunderbuss. Dead. · Gunpowder barrels are basically sea mines when placed in water. When a ship runs over a gunpowder barrel it will instantly explode and create several holes. Instead of climbing aboard a ship to try and blow them up, simply swim under them and release the gunpowder barrel. It'll explode as if it was on the bottom floor, and also save your life, allowing you to board and stop enemy repairs · For safety, gunpowder barrels are best stored in the crow's nest. Any explosion there will not harm your ship in the slightest. If you're worried about boarders trying to steal loot in a specific situation, you can also store loot on the crow's nest(and then simply throw it down) · The most effective way of sinking ships is blocking their repairs. After a certain amount of cannon hits, it's simply not effective to continue peppering the enemy. There are only small windows of time for a few cannon shots in naval battle. Once you've made 3-4 holes in their bottom floor, as long as a boarder can delay their repairs it's an easily won battle. Two cannoneers, one boarder, and the captain is a very effective layout · If you're playing the boarder role, get creative. Fire yourself out of cannons into their trajectory(or straight at their ladder if your teammates are skilled). Once you're on board, race down to the bottom floor(or lower anchor first, depending on situation). Your main goal is not to kill, but to delay repairs. Hide on the bottom floor and cause confusion above all else · If you're on a sloop, there are many ways to totally outplay galleons and sink them. You can circle around islands with better maneuverability and play tag for quite a while. My preferred strategy is using an island like Wanderer's Refuge. Have your teammates circle around it while you fire at the pursuing Galleon from the island's cannons. You can also easily sword dash at their ship and board them while your crewmate continues circling around. Sometimes it's best to stay hidden on their ship until your teammates and get a few cannon hits, then you can stop repairs · You can dodge by pressing block and jumping in that direction, not all that practical most of the time, but still good to know · If you see an enemy ship at an outpost, rush to the gold hoarders and order of the skulls tents before anything else. Chances are they're selling, and sinking their ship is absolutely not your #1 priority. I've been able to one hit kill enemies with the blunderbuss and sell their loot the second after many times · Enemies respawn on their ship after approximately 40 seconds if it still hasn't been sunk. You can easily keep track of enemies until you can sink their ship once you learn the different spawn points. The sloop's spawns are in front of the anchor and in front of the mast, while the most common Galleon spawns are either in the poop deck(behind the wheel) and on the second floor(near cannonballs and plank barrels) · You can easily drift at any time by anchoring when you have the ship's wheel all the way to the left or right. This will stop your ship and drift it 180 degrees, you can also turn slightly less and drift slightly less. This is sometimes an effective maneuver in naval battle, you can drop anchor and turn around completely, although you'll need at least 3 people to quickly raise the anchor again and not lose too much time PvE Tips · Skull forts are by far the most lucrative activity in the game. If you spot one on your server, I'd go for it if anywhere from 2-4 players. As a two player team, you can position your ship in a way where it'll have a direct line of sight to the island. One player lures to an exact area and the other shoots cannonballs that will kill 4-5 skeletons per shot. The same can be done with 3 people, with four it's easiest to do normally · Skull forts normally give 13-15k gold on average, with lows at ~10k and highs up to ~19k* · Skull forts have ten waves you have to clear. The final wave includes a captain spawn. Killing the captain will finish the event and drop the stronghold key. The stronghold key works only on that specific stronghold, but you can run away with it and open the stronghold later on if necessary. The event will not reset, once you finish a wave that progress is saved. An enemy crew could arrive, wipe you out and advance with the progress you've made · Order of the skulls voyages are the most efficient voyages for money making when playing on a galleon. Gold hoarder voyages are more reasonable in a sloop, although order of the skull voyages are still possible. Merchant Alliance missions are not reasonable in anyway at the moment, and I'd honestly just wait for a possible re-work and simply level it by selling crates found in skull forts or shipwrecks · You get approximately 10% for animals delivered off-mission for the Merchant Alliance. That's about 30-40 coins for chickens and pigs which is why I highly recommend you don't really waste your time with the coops or crates unless you're on a mission · Every 10 levels gained with a specific faction upgrades the two items they sell with minute details. For example a feather added on the order of the skulls lantern · Different skeletons have unique characteristics. Moss skeletons are weak to melee and strong against ranged, health regen when in water. Gold skeletons are strong against melee and weak to ranged, hurt in water. Shadow skeletons are invisible at nighttime unless you flash/stun them with a lantern You can charm snakes by playing music near them, this will calm them down and allow you to transport them back to your ship/to the trader. 3-4 seconds after the music stops they'll get aggressive again * *From watching streams Will be updated as more content is released and thus more tips need to be added
  8. Sea of Thieves launches, and we are having a party We are going to drink rum, play and have some fun Get the game, or a free trial of the xbox gamepass and join us (on pc or xbox One) Bring your rum, grog or whatever you fancy and hang out with us on discord. @BillyBantam might be streaming on twitch, in a pirate costume. Free 14day trial