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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings! So, you've found your way to the website, but are a little confused about its use and different capabilities? This guide can help! It will go over the different basic functions, capabilities, and settings of this website. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to post them here! FYI: Also, returning members, please post HERE! CREATING AN ACCOUNT AND SIGNING IN USER DISPLAY AND SETTINGS WEBSITE CONTENT AND FUNCTIONS
  2. When you join the squad, you can first listen in for a short while to determine if this squad is communicating or not. If it's all quiet for a minute or more, it's not a good sign. Maybe better join another squad instead. When you decide to stay with this squad, say a short "Hi" over squad comm. Normally, you will get a friendly "hello" back from all squad members. Also, you have to tell them you're new, so they know to go easy on you and show you the ropes. A good squad will do this. Follow the orders from your Squad Leader. Always. As good as you can. If you don't understand the order, ask back. In all game modes, Squad is objective-based. You don't win the match single-handedly by a high kill/death ratio but through objective-based teamplay. You won't understand the objectives at the beginning, but your Squad Leader does. Listen to him. Stay with your squad. Don't wander off. Never lone wolf. Ask for help. It's your time to learn now and others are happy to help you. We all started as beginners. Good players know that. When you get incapacitated, don't give up and respawn. Call out to your medic and wait to get revived. You just saved your team a ticket - a ticket towards victory. The map is your best friend. Use it; use it a lot; open it up every few seconds. The map is your best tool to distinguish between friend and foe. Communicate. Voice communication is an integral game mechanic in Squad and, once you have gotten used to it, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game. Being good at communication takes time, learn it from your fellow players. Keybinds are as follows provided by