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Found 3 results

  1. 5wi55_ch3353.

    Clan battles.

    With the recent influx of members to our Division something needs to be done regarding how we proceed with clan battles. Trying to put together a team of 7 players to play alpha team is going to be a fucking pain in the ass for me and someone will always feel left out. I've left myself out so as to limit the number of unhappy members, while being arguably nr 1 on the list of players whom should play under our current criteria, baring our bb players. If we continue like this my hair might turn grey before I reach the age of 31 in two months time (thankfully I cut it short, ho ho ho) So I'm going to present two options for you and being the generous leader that I am. I'm going to allow you to vote between them. 1. We continue playing our best players in alpha and do a proper push. This will make some people unhappy but it gives us the best shot of reaching a higher rank. 2. We have 2 alpha teams (1 being called bravo but w/e) with skill spread out equally. The second option also implies that rental ships will cease to exist and everyone is required to prep accordingly with commanders/consumables/modifications and such. Players will also need to be as active as humanly possible so we limit the amount of time we sit around lacking a player or two. This will make it so that we hopefully have two active teams trying to push as high in the ranking as possible and everyone has a chance to get that much coveted steel. Both teams will strive for the same goal regarding our rank. Non meta ships should also be as limited as possible with players encouraged to grind meta ships and if possible and not spending your coal on a particular ship, buy modifications (if your saving up for a ship it's understandable). If you vote option 1 and we go with that one, try to limit the pm's to me telling me how unhappy you are. It'll bring me down and I've got plenty of shit to deal with as is. Yasvar has told me that he is open to accepting your complaints/critique. Signed. Honorable cheesemaster 5wi55_Ch3353.
  2. 5wi55_ch3353.

    Round 2.

  3. 5wi55_ch3353.

    Clan Battles EU.

    Finally clan battles are back. RSVP if you're able to participate.