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Found 13 results

  1. Scags

    EFT Squad up 20:00 CET

    Getting as many as we can together and going about murdering people.
  2. Scags

    Tarkov Project News

    Here's some weapon updates coming in the next patch
  3. Scags

    From rags to riches

    We will start out with nothing except hacthets/knifes and trying to climb the food chain Rules: You are only allowed to use what you find out in the world You are not allowed to buy ANYTHING from the traders You ARE allowed to use any and everything out in a raid
  4. Scags

    EFT Squad up

    Some more killin' ^^
  5. Scags

    EFT Squad up

    We get online mix up some teams and go a huntin' ^^
  6. Practicing some painting
  7. Scags

    Lightly modded MPX

    A lightly modded MPX ^^
  8. Scags


  9. Scags

    Exi being Exi...

    Exi having a meltdown and running on tables n stuff
  10. Only proper scope for an SV98, this or iron sights!