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Found 4 results

  1. As we hit the 10 year anniversary of the clan this month It got me thinking back to when I first joined which was back in 2011 on the ps3 putting the hours into Bf3 with the warlords way back then. So we are going back in boys! we are going back to karkand! we will leave no clan mate behind as we rip up the streets and the metro of BF3 for this clan weekend event!
  2. Battlefield V MEGATHREAD Hey everybody. So in an attempt to consolidate the latest reveal info, news, and trailers for Battlefield V I've created this topic to discuss anything and everything Battlefield V during this pre-release period. Open beta coming September 6, details here: Now that the reveal trailer has dropped, we finally have some info on how the game will look and play. Check it out below if you haven't seen it yet (Sorry, can't edit the size of the videos) - The first thing I, along with many others noticed was a significant change in the color palette. The bright, colorful trailer we just watched is a stark contrast from the grey and gloomy colors we saw in BF1 (which I think fit the game really well). While this is obviously a heavily scripted reveal, I think we'll still be getting that same gritty Battlefield gameplay that we've come to know. The trailer does show a couple of new features like fortification building, how teammates call for medics, some sort of sliding action, and a tank steamrolling through a building. But overall, it was a flashy trailer to try to get players hyped about the game and there are a lot of mixed feelings out there about the direction DICE chose for it. Overall and in my opinion, I really don't think the trailer does the game justice. The confirmed gameplay features listed in the jackfrags video below get me really excited for the game! While the reveal was flashy and full of Michael Bay style eye candy, it really didn't get me too excited. If you're doubtful, I would highly recommend you guys check out this video. New multiplayer trailer! Looks gorgeous and the paratrooper drops look incredible but I'm still itching to see a gameplay trailer New jackfrags Grand Operations gameplay video Gamescom 2018 trailer - Devastation of Rotterdam This is BFV Trailer, lots of gameplay and a bit more info on what to expect in the game. Stick around here and feel free to discuss as I'll be updating this front page as we get closer to October November and more trailers are released!