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    The Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines information page aims to give members and potential members general guidelines to follow regarding our conduct in all facets of the Fighting 13th.

    i. Members are, above all, to be respectful towards one another and everyone, regardless of origin, nationality, race, sex, religious beliefs, or creed, in our language, posts, and general conduct.  This also means to not 'grief' others in game or on our different communication systems (Website, Discord, chat). Failure to do so will result in termination of membership, demotion, or similar consequence(s) as the Fighting 13th does not have time to "babysit" those with a childlike, selfish attitude, or those with an immature behavior (no matter the age).  We understand and encourage the joking and teasing that comes along with being and becoming closer to our gaming brethren; however, there is a limit and everyone should stay away from this limit--if asked to stop what may be thought of by the perpetrator as "harmless banter," members are to STOP and not encourage its perpetuity.

    ii. Members are to think themselves as ambassadors to the gaming community, especially since all it takes is one or two members representing the Fighting 13th to give an impression to gamers that are not members.  Members are to represent us in good standing with the rest of the gaming community.

    iii. Members are expected to remain active in the Fighting 13th until an official "Leave" notice (a defined period of gaming/forum inactivity from a member) or "Discharge" request has been properly sent/posted.  Failure to do so will result in termination of membership, demotion, or similar consequence(s). 
    Remaining active means checking and periodically contributing content on the website; it also means actively PLAYING and PARTICIPATING with other community members in practices (scheduled, weekly gatherings gaming divisions have where all players are required, if able, to attend), scheduled events, and ad-hoc or impromptu gatherings --all this should be happening at least weekly (although it is not the end of the world if a member CANNOT attend-- unwillingness to attend, on the other hand, will not be tolerated).  The Fighting 13th and its membership understand that there are 'Real-World' commitments (like school, work, vacations) that take precedence over gaming and having a cold one playing the latest horror-survival game--however, give us the slightest time of day to NOTIFY us of this before the fact, NOT AFTER.

    iv. Members are expected to, and expected to want to, play and join other members on the same games that we play, as well as play while on our Discord server. This goes for practices and scheduled events as well as ad-hoc or impromptu gatherings.  Members are not allowed to join other clans, communities, or guilds for the game in which they joined and are strongly discouraged from joining other clans, communities, or guilds on the same platform as which they joined the Fighting 13th for (PC, PS, XB).  Excessively playing, participating, or being an active member of another clan, community, or guild (example: to the point where said member is breaking Rule iii.) may result in termination of membership, demotion, or similar consequence(s).

    v. Members are NOT allowed to use, download or test cheats or 'hacks.'  Members are NOT to exploit glitches or 'bugs' in a game, service, or system.  Failure to do either will result in termination of membership or similar consequence(s).  As a professional gaming community, it is the responsibility of the Fighting 13th and like-minded gamers (and other communities) to uphold fair gaming--this also means 'witch-hunting' of gamers supposed or perceived to be "hackers" or "glitchers" should not be made, nor will be taken seriously, unless strong, hard (screenshots, video, etc) EVIDENCE (as opposed to anecdotal "evidence") is submitted.

    vi. Members are to solve any situations that may have gone awry at the lowest level possible.  If members feel their first line leadership (from their Squad Leaders and Company Staff) are not properly stepping in to issues they may have, members SHOULD go to the next levels of leadership.  We want problems or issues any member may have to be properly resolved.  Also, heated discussions and sensitive arguments are NOT to be openly discussed in public means (Any of the text channels in Discord or the Discussion section on the website)--these are to be handled in more private ways like through private message/chat groups on Discord,a private voice chat on Discord, individual chat on steam, or PM on the website.  This, most assuredly, if not followed correctly will not help the member's argument or the situation itself, but will make it worse.


    This applies to ANYONE who uses our Discord.

    i. Voice Gaming Channels should ONLY be used by members playing the indicated game. • Please be aware that a gaming channel is for a group is actively playing the indicated game and communicating with each other for that purpose. • You are NOT allowed to join a Gaming Channel to simply shoot the shit, converse with other members, and not participate in the game being played. This is highly disruptive and can detract from the experience of those members. • Joining a gaming channel to briefly get the attention of an admin or squad staff person to join a different channel to discuss an urgent matter is acceptable, but please make it brief.

    ii. Public Lobby channels are to be used for general, non-gaming-exclusive chat. • Members or groups of members occupying one of these rooms are doing so with the understanding that anyone may join them to discuss anything they wish.  • You may occupy any Public Lobby room while playing games, either those officially supported or otherwise. However, you are doing so with the understanding that Rule #1 does not apply. (i.e. members may join the room to shoot the shit or generally converse about anything.) • Music Bot is currently only permitted in Public Lobbies. For instructions on using the Music bot, please ask anyone from Leadership.  

    iii. Playing music or other non-voice chat, non-game related audio in channels is NOT permitted. • Seriously, nobody wants to hear your Justin Bieber music when trying to play games.  

    vi. Push-to-talk is NOT required. • We do not require members to use push-to-talk on our channels. However, please be aware of your surroundings and mute your mic or turn push-to-talk on if there is a chance of unpredictable background noise in your home. • We do have the ability to force specific users to use push-to-talk if this becomes a problem. 



    i. DO NOT SPAM (postings or PMs) and try to not double-post.  Spam means posts with little, lack-of-quality, or completely unrelated content (example: simply posting "okay" or "lol" or "why" or "hue" or "haha" or similar postings). 'Double-posting' means to post more than one post within the same topic with no reply from someone else in a 24 hour time period.  EDIT your posts or wait for others to post before you post in the topic again.  The "exceptions" to this rule are the topics related to off-topic discussion, such as the Last Post Wins topic.

    ii.  DO NOT post offensive or inappropriate content. 

    iii. POST in the appropriate AREA(s). Gaming discussions in the gaming forums and off-topic, unrelated, topics (i.e. politics, news, etc) in the General Discussion forums.

    iv. USE moderation..  This is the catch-all rule --have a moderately sized signature, do not excessively post for the sake of posting, etc. 

    v. CONTRIBUTE to the forums by posting QUALITATIVE (as opposed to quantitative) posts.  And if a member is posting nowhere else, he or she should be posting in his or her game topic.

    Failure to abide by these rules and guidelines can and will result in termination of membership, demotion, or similar consequence(s). 

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    Since 2009, Fighting 13th has been a truly global community of passionate gamers playing multiplayer games both big and small.  Our operational footprint in the gaming world is steadily increasing, and you can be a part of the action! Find out more about us here.

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