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  1. Chased down their CV with Midway's speed and full-secondary builded her down in a knife fight. Yammy tried to save them, couldn't pen the flight deck. Proceeded to ram Yammy for the final blow. #Ranked
  2. Kae#7898


  3. Age 30 Gender Male Region NA Location Houston Primary game you wish to join us for World of Warships Games you play Other Game ARMA The Division 2 Warframe War Thunder Microphone Yes Discord ID Kae#7898 Steam/UPlay/Origin username commander_kae Referrer Guest How did you hear about us? World of Warships Ranked Game Random Teammate (Pman) Hours of availability Graveyard hours. (I work overnights.) Why do you want to join us? pman_2015_Daisy said you guys would take people who knife fight with aircraft carriers. This is the song of my people. Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? My 19-point waifu commanders are built for violent barrages of secondary weapon fire. I am a fantastic example of what not to do. I served something, was an army something, walked around with way too much gear, and drove, shot, commanded some things others might confuse for tanks. Iraq is a lovely place with lovely people; can vouch. I am a master of wearing more than one sweater at once. I can make people come to me with one finger, now imagine what I can do with two. Additional information Made an alliance or two in EVE Online; have been in more gaming clans than I can count. I was a PvP fleet commander for the longest time (10+ years) built my reputation on hunting other PvPers and that just kept getting bigger in scale. Now I just lustfully roleplay with characters I create while doing creative writing occasionally as a hobby. I work in a FedEx warehouse; please use more than one strip of tape on your boxes you ship.