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  1. Yeah, some events with Halo would be legendary
  2. So, I'm coming up with an album in January. Yes, that's right, soon you'll be in the same clan as a world famous star. Nah probably not, but I really hope I can live off my music or else I'm fucked since I ditched my education for this. I'm a smart man as you can tell. Anyways I would appreciate some feedback if you have any! Thanks in advance. Lyrics are below the embedded song. Better to be feared than respected, but everyone's too afraid to make connectionDon't do shit without our blessing, we're masters at givin lessonsTough love shit bring mind to resting, I'm not a man you wanna be testingMan thinks he's hard but you know that he's less than, my 44 zero's masters at deceptionTight home you got, invite ourselves inTight eyes you got can feel your tensionPain is my invention, your interventionBlue won't be interceptin, there's no receptionQuite a man you are, used the systemNeedle prick you need a quick zen, need a quick fix mistake as a quick mendAs an addict I'm your godsend, I am your god friend, a narcissistic masterpiece or so would I thinkQuite a man you are to be snitchinCan birds sing with their chest caved in, or what you thinkinI hope you get my hintin, I hope the fear starts to sink in
  3. Detta


  4. Age 23 Gender Male Region NA Location Norway Primary game you wish to join us for ARMA Games you play Other Game ARMA Battlefield V Insurgency: Sandstorm Mordhau Microphone Yes Discord ID Detta#9481 Steam/UPlay/Origin username Dettalol/Detta-13th-/r0guewizard Referrer Guest How did you hear about us? I used to be a member back in the R6S days Hours of availability ~20 hours Why do you want to join us? I remember having a great time with you guys but my connection sucked, which left me to quit playing for a long time. Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? Well, I once made a snow man, painted 13th on it's head with wine, then put two wine bottles in it's eyes and uploaded it to the forum. It stood outside my apartment for at least a month. So I can make snowmen. I haven't tried with any snow-women yet, but I could try if asked - and if there's snow. Jokes aside, I'm a music producer and I almost completed my marketing degree before I realized I wanted to focus fully on a music career. I have a lot of experience in administration and organizing, and my experience is how I could start my education without completing highschool. I also love writing, and I think I'm very great at it. I would pursue a career in writing, but it'll have to wait until my hair starts graying. Given my daily stress levels that probably won't be too long. So if you need any help related to music, writing or administration, I'd say I'm competent enough to provide satisfying results. Additional information I have a lot of quirks, yes. =)