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  1. [13th] Exiduslol

    [13th] Exiduslol

  2. played a few games with him last night, and he seems alright, so i dont see any reason not to approve him!
  3. Hello Tennin!, and thank you for your interest in joining the fighting 13th community!, @thebronxbomber, @Danius or @BillyBantam will look over ur application to make sure everything seems to be in order, after that either me or @Scags will get in touch with you to get u acclimated in the community!
  4. heard of u guys from scags back in the more active arma 3 days ^^
  5. Hello Kosher!, thank you for you interest in joining the fighting 13th community!, everything seems to be in order with your application, so with that, i bid you welcome to the community and i hope u will enjoy ur stay with us!
  6. Alright, i have sent you a request on discord!, just make sure u accept that asap and ill create u an invite to the 13th community discord!
  7. Hello Grk!, thank you for your interest in joining the 13th!, i need ur last digits on ur discord user name to get u set up to speed though! i.e grkNeedles#1337, get back to me asap and we will get u set up on the discord!
  8. that makes alot of sense to be honest, high loot areas should always be high risk high reward areas, just hoping that they can fine tune the scavs in a good way so they dont insta lock like it is right now, dont get me wrong here i want the scavs to be smart its not that, i just dont want them to be unfair as in the means of u not having any way at all to defend urself at a scav that has spotted u. I almost fell victim to that yesterday on customs in the construction area, they instantly locked onto me and all i could do was lay down and not move at all, cause if i did i wouldve died.. had to wait for like 5 minutes before i could move from that cover to even get past the construction area..
  9. yeah i see where ur coming from @Daytex, however the problem we are having with hatchet running wouldnt be solved by increasing the prices sadly :/, we dont yet know how things will look after the release though, how easy money is gonna be to come by, how much loot is gonna be on the maps among other things, however with the persistent injuries coming around the corner hatchet running is gonna be a bit more punished since u actually have to spend ur own meds to do those runs if u accidentally get shot in a raid. So as the meta is right now i dont think increasing the prices on items is a good idea with the hatchlings already being a big problem in eft
  10. Seems now is a great time to burn through that hard earned cash vikings!, the traders greed event has started, all items the traders sell are unlimited and the price on all items are doubled, smelling a wipe coming in the week(s) to come! https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/65420-the-traders-greed-event-starts-now/ lets do this vikings! lets burn that cash!
  11. the moment when ur entire tarkov day has gone to shit and then all of a sudden this happens
  12. Well well!. i guess its time for that other swedish viking to pop up and introduce himself!, Names Exiduslol or Exi for short, u can call me Exidus aswell! im 28 years of age and i live in the frozen hostile wasteland that happens to be the norhtern part of sweden in a little shithole called Skellefteå! also neighbours with the mad sod that is @Scags, but i digress! Lost track of how long ive been a part of the 13th now but ive been around for a few years! My adventures with the fighting 13th began in arma III and playing abit of World of Warships with @Scags @Predacon, my current assignment in the 13th is leading the vikings division to glorious victories and loots in the hardcore FPS known as Escape from Tarkov! hobbies outside of the PC world i like havin a few beers, also desperatley trying to fund to get back into playing airsoft which has been put on hold for an undisclosed time lol
  13. This is my rig for now ^^ Mobo: Asus Z170-A CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K 4.0GHz 8mb GFX: Gigabyte geforce 980ti RAM: Corsair 16GB DDR4 2133MHZ CL13 Vengeance Mouse: Logitech G403 Prodigy Keyboard: Corsair K63 Mechanical gaming keyboard. Headset: Sennheiser HD559