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  1. Update, the post got locked because there is another 13th Thread somewhere, you guys have the link for that one?
  2. YAY War Thunder back again, would be bumping those posts I'm right now unlocking more advanced planes in the US branch, and since the last event, i have a Merkava MK1 and the first Cobra Helicopter, so if you guys want to do WW2 battles or Cold War ones, i'll be up for both. Too bad there isn't any Israeli dedicated branch, but meh at least the US represents hehehehe
  3. Paisaman


  4. Age 24 Gender Male Region NA Location Brazil (soon Colombia) Primary game you wish to join us for War Thunder Games you play World of Warships War Thunder Microphone Yes Discord ID Paisaman#9627 Steam/UPlay/Origin username PantheonSamurai Referrer TheBronxBomber How did you hear about us? Long History, since 2011, old member of the 13th MEU Hours of availability 2 hours working weekdays 4 hours weekends at night Why do you want to join us? After a long time be able to be back to the community enriched my life so much would be special, also now that i'm finishing my current studies , i hope i'll be able to have more free time Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? An strong call to stewardship and general help, if i can give a helping hand at any time, be in language translation or anything aviaton related, count me on Additional information Member of the 13th MEU since 2011, passing through the BF2, BF3, Bad Company 2, BF Heroes, BF Play4free, War thunder Squadrons, went on a Leave of Absence after starting Pilot training, now i'm finishing the commercial Pilot course , YAY. PS: BRONX PLEASE DON'T SNAP MY NECK. hahahaha .