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  1. Age 23 Gender Male Region Other Region Location South Africa Primary game you wish to join us for Other Game Games you play Other Game Warframe Microphone Yes Discord ID Ivar the Strong#6434 Steam/UPlay/Origin username Ivar the Strong Referrer How did you hear about us? War Thunder Forum Hours of availability 10 Why do you want to join us? I am looking for a clan that I can join for some War Thunder fun and some Warframe. I looks like a great clan and would be great to join. Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? For real life, I am a programmer, I am well versed in C++, Java, Pascal and Assembly x86. I also have some experience in web development. Within games, I am a competent FPS player and skilled RTS commander. Additional information I was a founder of an other clan. I ran as head of the clan for 2 years, before I life unfortunately got in the way and I couldn't lead it anymore. I am a good leader and keep a cool head. I also like my whiskey on the rocks and smooth as can be.