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  1. Capt_Teek

    Hydras Company

  2. I welcome wros to the hydras. already known to me @Predacon
  3. yo dude


  4. Capt_Teek

    [APPROVED] Cucod Application [WoWs]

    A friend of gaspadian. I welcome him to hydras @thebronxbomber
  5. Capt_Teek

    [APPROVED] Caramster Application [WoWs]

  6. Capt_Teek

    [APPROVED] LordAndrija Application [WoWs]

  7. Capt_Teek

    [APPROVED] LordAndrija Application [WoWs]

    recommended by gaspa. I welcome you to the team
  8. Capt_Teek

    [APPROVED] Caramster Application [WoWs]

    Caramster has been with HYDRAS for a while. I welcome him officially to HYDRAS
  9. Capt_Teek

    Community Poll #14: New Years Resolutions

    Drink more rum.....
  10. Capt_Teek

    [OFFICIAL] Introduce Yourself to the Community!

    Hi, my name is Teek…. I may be an alcoholic, or I may not, I have been here a while but I thought I would say hi I like playing boats.... lots of boats... BIG boats....small boats.... row boats..... MASSIVE boats that carry small boats..... submerged with with planes that attack other boats with planes.... I like killing boats..... BOATS. I don't own a boat 😔 RUM!
  11. Capt_Teek

    December 2018 Newsletter

    Thank you for the recognition guys! I really was not expecting this at all, I am just wanting to increase our player base to make it more awesome than it is now. 😘 #GOHYDRAS!
  12. Capt_Teek

    Clan battles.

    sounds good to me bro! what I do see is the hydra clan improving a lot in these past couple of months . Who knows what we will be this time next year 😍
  13. Capt_Teek

    Round 2.


    Round 2!!! Bring home the glory!
  14. Capt_Teek

    Clan Battles EU.


    woop WOOP!!
  15. Capt_Teek

    Dry dock.

    Moskva Minotaur Conqueror