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  1. This is a friendly match against F-C to practice clan battle tactics. 7v7 tier 10 battles.
  2. KOTS sign up is here. To be played on October 6TH, 9 vs 9 format. RSVP to this event so we can get an understanding of who wants to join. 1. DATES AND INFO Qualifers are played on Oct 6, at 15.00 CEST Rules and all other info here: 2. TEAMS Your team must sign up with a list of at least nine players. They do not need to all be from the same clan. Do not sign up unless you are confident you will be able to bring a full team. 3. TAGS Add your team tag (e.g. [TTT] Ataww) to your discord name and add the correct server in the #roles channel so we can place you in the right channels 4. TEAM REPRESENTATIVES Each team has two people who will be our main contact points. If you are your team's rep let us know in #rep-role-request 5. DISCORD We use discord exclusively to coordinate King of the Sea. Please follow the announcements and be available here on game days. You can use the web version or download the app: 6. SIGN-UP LINK Sign-up will open at 18.00 CEST on Sept 26:
  3. Commanding Officer (CO): @Capt_Teek Executive Officer (XO): @Dirty Andy Established: xxx 201x Current Games Playing: World of Warships EU Event Coordinator: @Yasvar The World of Warships "Hydras" Division is an official division of the Fighting 13th. A division is composed of anywhere between 15 and 100 members and is led by a Commanding Officer (CO) and an Executive Officer (XO) along with various key staff members. Organization The World of Warships Division is split regionally into two Squads. The North American (NA) Squad plays on the NA server and the European (EU) Squad plays on the EU server. History The World of Warships Division began as "Trident Squadron" around MONTH 201X. It started as a venture under Predacon and Scags. Honors and Awards Previous Commanders Scags - month 201x to month 201x Predacon - month 201x to month 201x Stormwolfe - month 201x to month 201x Patch and other Graphics
  4. A night of drunk fun and banter with the cards against humanity. This is closed to @hydras for now but you guys from stingrays are welcome aslong as we don't have too many people.