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  1. Stormwolfe Cup. The NA vs EU Clash

    ST-clash affisch.png

    In July 2018, Officer Stormwolfe of Warships NA passed away. In memory of Stormwolfe, the tournament he started was renamed after him, and now It's time to crown the international champions in the second edition of The Stormwolfe Cup
    NA v
    s EU


    To play this we need the winning teams from both servers plus an extra team from each server, so a total of 4 teams.
    If you belong to the NA clan, talk to pman for details about this clash.

    If you belong to the EU clan, talk to Yasvar for details and Ships needed on the NA server.

    Rules is as usual: No premiums, 0 point captains.

    Preferable it will be played on tier 5 or 4, but 3 is a possibility if that helps getting the number of teams we want.

    Sign up!

    We will also make our best to stream and comment all matches between the teams so those not playing can be part of all the tournament.