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  1. Predacon

    Community Poll #11: How Many Tabs do you have Open?

    At home... around 3 or 4.... At work.. hell i can't even count
  2. Predacon

    Last post wins V42

  3. Predacon

    [EU] Stormwolfe Cup

    In July 2018, Officer Stormwolfe of Warships NA has passed away. In memory of Stormwolfe, we have decided to create a quarterly cup named after him. I am proud to present you: The Stormwolfe Cup! (Banner will come) This tournament's Info is based on how many people will RSVP. So please do! Please sign up if you're interested on what this is about
  4. Predacon

    August 2018 Newsletter

    I am ze commander naow! PS: I'm not travelling for work
  5. Predacon

    "Pets" of the Fighting 13th

    Lets invade this with cats...
  6. I'm so confused right now....
  7. Predacon

    Community Poll #9: How did you hear about us?

    eh... i'm here anyways
  8. Predacon

    Feeling Nostalgic

    BF3 sounds nice
  9. Predacon

    Community Poll #9: How did you hear about us?

    I was in talk with some admin guy from T4G Anti Cheat like 5 years ago, he said: "If you're looking for a big BFP4F clan, look at our partner clans on the website, all of these clans are super big" So i found the old 13th MEU and tadaaaa..... BFP4F shenanigans were initiated.