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  1. Predacon


    so much games... so little time 😭
  2. Predacon

    Half a decade already.....

    FYI, It's "Full Anal Nelson" rite? @Scags
  3. Predacon

    Last post wins V42

  4. Predacon

    Member of the Month: June 2018

  5. Predacon

    Community Poll #7: Who will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

    Go Belgium! Fuck france! Stupid baguettes
  6. Predacon

    Half a decade already.....

    Soon i will come and visit DC
  7. Wow.... 5 years already!! 🎉 🎉 🎉 It's been great being here eventho i have been lurking for the past 3 months! So for this topic, i want you to tell me what the best thing is that you experienced with me (This can be in games or just in discord... and in Dutch's case real life *wink*) Thanks for being such a great community and i'm looking forward to the next decade! Salute!
  8. So EA comes with a remastered version of this game very soon... I don't you about most of you here, but this game was the shit 9 years ago! When this releases i'm planning on playing it a lot Hoping any of you would play it with me
  9. Predacon

    Community Poll #5: How do you Commute?

    too far away.... too lazy for it too
  10. Predacon

    Community Poll #5: How do you Commute?

    I take this thing...
  11. Du bist krank! Das wurden wir niemals tun
  12. Predacon


    One big ass ship in the ports of dunkirk...
  13. Predacon

    Time to burn someone....

  14. Predacon

    Time to burn someone....

  15. Predacon

    Battlefield V MEGATHREAD

    @thebronxbomber Хуй тебе!!