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  1. Age 34 Gender Male Region EU Location Belgium Primary game you wish to join us for The Division 2 Games you play The Division 2 Microphone Yes Discord ID Katalyst6#6015 Steam username Referrer How did you hear about us? Reddit Division_LFG Hours of availability everyday after 7PM CEST, weekends all day everyday Why do you want to join us? You seem to be friendly and helpful, willing to help people get through the raid. Also it'd be nice to be in a good community in TD2. Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? Sysadmin irl, can code pretty well. My wrinkled brain learns fast and remembers well. Also, humility is one of my strong points. Additional information Main build: AR DTE build. 2nd, high explosive dmg seeker mine build. Got most of the exotics except EB and pestilence. Laid back, no tolerance for toxicity in games.