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  1. LeChefOmega

    Carrier Operations

    Only if there is an excessive abundance of Danger Zoooone!
  2. LeChefOmega

    Kawatora: Scorched Earth

    Haymaker- Sniper
  3. LeChefOmega

    January 2019 Newsletter - Happy New Years!

    Wow. It's absolutely amazing to see how much we've grown over the years, and I look forward to to seeing us expand even more!
  4. LeChefOmega

    Kawatora: Veiled Threat

    Scout Sniper Callsign: Haymaker
  5. LeChefOmega

    Kawatora Campaign

    Time to get out the Sneaky Breeki...
  6. LeChefOmega

    I WANT YOU!!!

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww sheeiiiiiit. Lets kick some ass 'Dealers!!
  7. Mmm yessss. I've been here since what, 2012? First desktop in all that time lol.
  8. LeChefOmega


  9. LeChefOmega

    November 2018 Newsletter

    Woot secret santa 2018.?
  10. LeChefOmega

    King Two Lima [Sunday]

    Marksman again *edit* I just noticed the screenshot, lookat that smexy snipah.
  11. LeChefOmega

    Tactical Tuesday


  12. LeChefOmega

    [OFFICIAL] Roll Call!

    What is this like the 4th website ive hade to sign up for?