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  1. Whatsup guys? Hows it going Wulfie?! How is the COD/Warzone activity going? Looking for some teammates to squad up with Regards Andrew
  2. Hahaha yep, all family man, not sure about the all grown up part :)))
  3. Contacted ZannaRage but unfortunately he cant make it. He sends his regards. Wulfieeee!! what time will the event start?
  4. ive send white insomnie an whatsapp, he wil ltry to make it aswell What time do we start?
  5. Noted in my agenda! Hi Red, :D u better join. like bronx said, hook up your controller :) I will pbb do the same. :$
  6. BF5 on PS4 ?? Add me and ill join you Im doing good, 2 kids now, son and a daughter, still with the same lady, i work in IT now, so no more nightshifts and such :) How are you doing bronx? Still in the navy?
  7. Also, here's our old old website if you want to really go look at a time capsule: o wauw, the memories seeing that forum :D
  8. Congratz fella's. So many great memories, they still roam my mind every once in a while. I couldnt make it to the reunion but im still down to group up sometime.