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  1. Hoooah, way to go vault, and way to go Fighting 13th
  2. Congratulations to all the superlative Fighting 13th members
  3. GO World of Warships "HYDRAS" as we challenge last season clan battle record and stretch for higher results! Woot !
  4. Typhoon here we (the mighty 13th) comes!!!
  5. Age 52 Gender Male Region NA Location Primary game you wish to join us for Other Game Games you play World of Warships Microphone Yes Discord ID _EnsignParker_ Steam username Referrer How did you hear about us? Hours of availability Evenings after 1800 EST (4-6 hrs per night) available 7 days per week Why do you want to join us? To be in a WOW clan, to play clan battles, and to support the team in any other team events. Also to division up with clan members on a regular basis for regular warfighting. Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? I own all the T-10 ships except the new French ships that require steel; Most all my T-8 through T-10 ships have level 19 commanders. I am developing into a very good DD player. I listen to the battle commander and execute to their direction. I did lead a lot of clan battles in my previous clan, but I follow just as well. Additional information US Navy retired (27 yrs)