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  1. Baboking

    Tactical Tuesday


    Seeing as how I'm pretty new to all this, maybe I should just be a rifleman or any other non-specialized roles?
  2. Baboking

    Community Poll #5: How do you Commute?

    Public transit is the way to go in NYC. Don't have money for a car, and definitely don't have time to be looking for parking lol
  3. 1. Chinese (native) 2. English (fluent) 3. French (total shit accent but can read it) - had to learn it in school because duo-language requirements in Canada lol 4. Korean - definitely not fluent but the gf is Korean so... shrug
  4. Baboking


  5. Baboking

    [OFFICIAL] Roll Call!

  6. Baboking

    Hoi4 - general

    Frontline mechanics are kind of broken at the moment though... Any sort of "unusual" split or shift in your frontline during battle will cause your armies to flip out