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  1. If you like to increase your frames to your game, this will help increase your fps, all you have to do i copy and paste into a notepad format, and change the resolution to your size of the TV/monitor. Save within - Roberts Space Industries > RSI Launcher > LIVE > Star Citizen > LIVE > then save as "user.cfg" within that LIVE folder. Once your game launches, it will use the parimeters of the file to reduce certain graphical effects that possibly is reducing your FPS. USER.cfg r_Width = your resolution r_Height = your resolution Con_Restricted = 0 r_Gamma = 1.2 sys_MaxFps = 60 r_TexMinAnisotropy = 8 r_TexMaxAnisotropy = 8 e_ShadowsMaxTexRes = 256 r_MotionBlur = 0 r_ColorGrading = 0 r_SSReflections = 0 r_FogShadows = 0 r_VSync = 0 sys_spec_Sound = 2 i_Mouse_Accel = 0.0 i_Mouse_Smooth = 0.0 r_ChromaticAbberation = 0 r_sharpening = 0 r_HDRGrainAmount = 0 cl_fov = 70 r_DepthOfField = 0 g_radialBlur = 0 hud_bobHud = 0 r_SSAO = 0 r_ssdo = 1 r_SSReflections = 0 r_HDRBrightLevel = 0.5 e_ParticlesShadows = 0

    New to Star Citizen Visit our Org page on the RSI website; Be sure to apply via website, and add the following Members to join upcoming events - TheReal_Kyle - TheRorschach - BlackRavenTRD - Danius - Here are a few links/videos to get you started to become a full fledged citizen; Navigate Menus - GET STARTED -
  3. Show off your Rig

    overly exposed photo but nevertheless here my setup 3.40 ghz i7 Processor 3770k 16GB Ram 1800mhz nvidea GTX 970 4gb strix Samsung 500 GB SSD all blue lighting inside and on the desk Yhetti Microphone 40" TV basic light keyboard Vertical wireless mouse (prize and joy)
  4. [OFFICIAL] Website Bugs/Issues/Comments

    on activity page. When you go to organisation link for example, the hover prompt shows multiple links which conflicts with a graphic on the activity page. seems like that the graphic symbol of a speech bubble is in the front position and not behind the hover over box.
  5. sweet - i got a new ribbon :) happy days

    1. thebronxbomber


      With more to follow :)

  6. May I have your attention, please

    @Endrane the cover art doesnt seem to stay correct scale, it stays enlarged despite splitscreening or on mobile
  7. May I have your attention, please

    yes i can and i am @Endrane
  8. May I have your attention, please

    so @thebronxbomberthat mean when we create a event in the calendar it will pop up as a notification/link within discord? similar to guided
  9. May I have your attention, please

    oh so this website has a link to discord? howso?
  10. May I have your attention, please

    good thing i keep them all hey for good measure, you all know youve missed them signatures @Predacon
  11. May I have your attention, please

    YER BOI!!!! My signature is back..... YESSSSS i say yes to this site @thebronxbomber
  12. May I have your attention, please

    good, notifications are working, didnt seem like it was before
  13. [OFFICIAL] Website Bugs/Issues/Comments

    Main page with topics etc seems like an awesome idea, but the colours of the background and text is conflicting/similar to the header colour, size look and feel. I found it hard at first to understand where topic started and ended. Remember usability is key, thats why the old website was going into the ground and discord took over, because discord got it right. its all about usability. Lets make it less confusing and stand out where the main headers are etc.
  14. [OFFICIAL] Website Bugs/Issues/Comments

    gallery slide show button to move next slide/photo does not work
  15. [OFFICIAL] Website Bugs/Issues/Comments

    My profile cover art/background is scaled differently when split screening or window minimised.