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  1. Hungrypilot

    Battlefield V: Are you getting it?

    Less money on beer, more money on Battlefield @Chris P Bacon
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    [OFFICIAL] Roll Call!

    Impeach Trump
  3. Hungrypilot

    [OFFICIAL] Roll Call!

    Impeach Trump
  4. Age 39 Gender Male Location Minnesota/USA/Central Time Microphone Yes Discord Username Hungrypilot#6942 Xbox Live Username Hngrypilot Referrer ChrisCroz How did you hear about us? Hours of availability Mostly all day, 14 days per month. I am away from home 17 days per month, but take a gaming laptop on the road with me, so limited availability. Why do you want to join us? When Chris introduced me to the community, I was very impressed with the skill and the maturity of the members of the community that I have already met. I have a strong desire to be a part of that! Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? Not specifically, unless Fighting 13th members have questions about real-life aviation! Additional information