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  1. Stixx, Danklin and myself are organising a co-op gaming night on the 17th November. It will start at 2000hrs GMT and will be 4 players per co-op match and 4 players in each voice group. Let's get these coop missions done! TP
  2. So, this is promising. I'm definitely getting but through the microsoft/xbox PC store with the live pass as it is only £1 for now. Anyone else interested?
  3. Age 35 Gender Male Location UK - Northwest (GMT) Microphone Yes Discord Username ThunderPhat Origin Name ThunderPhat Referrer How did you hear about us? BF Forums after seeing in game Hours of availability 6 but can vary. Why do you want to join us? Bored of playing BF alone, gaming is better with others. Been on discord a little while, love the conversation and topics. Spoke with some members playing BF and it was fun. Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? Im a good team player. Additional information I was in charge of a squad in CeltS clan. Second in charge of a large stream community. Was a game changer in BF3 days. Probably some wierd quirks but I cant remember lol
  4. Hello all, I'm ThunderPhat. Most people call me Thunder or TP. I'm 35 from the UK. Family and work keep me busy all the time but I find time to game a couple of times a week. I mainly play FPS games, current list includes BFV (main game), Insurgency Sandstorm (not played much) and DayZ. I did use to be a big Arma exile player but no one plays it anymore. I've been a BF player for a long time and its always been my main game (apart from BF1). I say your advert on the BF forums and decided to pop on to your discord. I have to say it's a friendly group. I love that you talk about games, cars and loads of other stuff, no to mention banter and have a laugh. Err what else, I co own Insurgency sandstorm servers and a DayZ PvE server with a friend. I have a YouTube, quit streaming and generally enjoy having fun in games but playing objectives.