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  1. Commanding Officer (CO): @Chris P Bacon Executive Officer (XO): @Forked Established: February 2018 Current Games Playing: Sea of Thieves The Sea of Thieves "Buccaneers" Division is an official division of the Fighting 13th. A division is composed of anywhere between 15 and 100 members and is led by a Commanding Officer (CO) and an Executive Officer (XO) along with various key staff members. Organization The Sea of Thieves Division is not split into any sub-units. History The Sea of Thieves Division was founded in February 2018 under the leadership of Chris P. Bacon for the game Sea of Thieves. It also grew to support the game Atlas, but did not last. Honors and Awards Previous Commanders Chris P. Bacon (Founder) February 2018 to Present Patch and other Graphics
  2. Dutch can't win. It's just not allowed.
  3. How can so many people be so wrong?
  4. This is a good crew, I like it here 🙂 I'll throw out an extra mention of @Elephantagon for being the first of us to get to Athenas level 10 and finally getting his hands on the figure head He deserves the "Legendary" far more than I do.
  5. Friday afternoon EST (assuming around 20 CET here) I can make. GF going camping Thursday -> Saturday, so I suddenly have no plans. ?
  6. I'm done with you. See you again never. //Forked
  7. I'm confused. Is this where I can get my flamethrower?
  8. I would ? (:blush:) .. oh, I just figured out how, I think. Also I'll have another sip of the most awesome Italian herb medicine ever: Fernet Branca.
  9. Forked

    Pirate games

    Yes, out for Windows 10. You can try it for a couple of weeks with xbox game pass ( , probably not the right country, but ) .. then feel free to hit us up on the Sea of Thieves channel on Discord :-)