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  1. Forked

    January 2019 Newsletter - Happy New Years!

    This is a good crew, I like it here 🙂 I'll throw out an extra mention of @Elephantagon for being the first of us to get to Athenas level 10 and finally getting his hands on the figure head He deserves the "Legendary" far more than I do.
  2. Forked

    Table Top Simulator Night

    Friday afternoon EST (assuming around 20 CET here) I can make. GF going camping Thursday -> Saturday, so I suddenly have no plans. ?
  3. Forked

    August 2018 Newsletter

    It's only four weeks
  4. Forked

    Dear cursed mermaids..

    I'm done with you. See you again never. //Forked
  5. Forked

    Last post wins V42

    I'm confused. Is this where I can get my flamethrower?
  6. Forked

    Member of the Month: June 2018

    I would ? (:blush:) .. oh, I just figured out how, I think. Also I'll have another sip of the most awesome Italian herb medicine ever: Fernet Branca.
  7. Forked

    Pirate games

    Yes, out for Windows 10. You can try it for a couple of weeks with xbox game pass ( , probably not the right country, but ) .. then feel free to hit us up on the Sea of Thieves channel on Discord :-)
  8. Forked

    Sea of Thieves Screenshots Thread

    Just delivered the mad loot mentioned above :-) more than 10k worth.
  9. Forked


  10. Forked

    [OFFICIAL] Roll Call!

  11. Forked

    Pirate games

    Dear gods of gaming, forgive me for I have sinned. I pre-ordered Sea of Thieves and I have hyped it up so much in my own head it's not even funny.