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  1. Leviathan Raid: Prestige [Destiny 2]

    Join up to take on the Leviathan raid on Prestige level. If you are signing up please have prior clears of the Leviathan raid and I would suggest that you also get your Legend of Acrius quest to the final step as completing the raid on prestige will grant an ornament for this weapon. This requires 10 seals which can be easily farmed from the first part of Leviathan. If you need to do this before we start let me know.


    The Prestige version of the raid will see a slight increase in the power level of enemies we will face (around 20 to 30 power levels), the challenge comes in the changes to some mechanics, please look at the article below and familiarise yourself with these changes.



  2. Sundial (Legendary): Destiny 2

    If you are going for the Savior badge this season you are going to need to complete a legendary Sundial run while defeating Inotam. Inotam doesn't arrive until February 2nd, so it would be good to get some legendary runs in before then, especially as they are a source of pinnacle gear. As they are not matchmade and require some co-ordination I thought it best to set a time when we can go for it. Plan is to start at 2:00pm CET and go on throughout the day, getting as many people through each run as we can. RSVP if you are interested and comment below when you can be around through the day.



  3. Leviathan Raid - Destiny 2 until

    @Daniushas many quests that require Leviathan Raid


    @Daniusis shamelessly scheduling a Leviathan Raid to serve his needs.