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  1. Saturday is my daughter's birthday, but I might be able to attend a Sunday version if there is one.
  2. I don't need those shitty ass weapons. I have The Recluse.
  3. I have none of those weapons. But I prefer to focus on what I do have: Positive attitude Nice thick hair with great texture 20/20 vision Smart phone with 5gig data plan *** An hour after our raid start time I now have to be at my nephew's birthday party. So I'll sit it out boys. I think you have another who can take my place. I will be back on about 3 hours after start time so if someone needs to tag out I can jump in.
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  5. Age 40 Location United States Do you have a microphone? Yes Discord Username Draw Referrer Dukath What games do you play? Anthem, Division 2, Apex, WoW, etc... How did you hear about us? friend Dukath How many hours are you available to play each week? 15 Why do you want to join us? multiplayer games are more fun with friends Do you have any skills that might be of benefit to the community? gamings best personality and extremely handsome Additonal Information mostly a weekend player, but on for short bursts during the week.