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  1. Breakwater (Tactical Tuesday - 5/29/2018)

    There will be a few roles I need filled. I will need a recon helo team. This team will consists of 2 guys when not flying you will be recon on the ground, so one Marksmen and one spotter. The other thing I need is two guys to volunteer to be body men. These guys will stick with the VIP at all times, he is not to leave your sight. Feel free to discuss on the forums and volunteer for a role there. I will make the adjustments to the roster.
  2. King Two Lima - (EU Time Slot)


    I am sure we can make room. Hit that RSVP button
  3. King Two Lima - (EU Time Slot)

    The return of Tactical Tuesday was a big success!!! That being said we had some that were unable to make the Time slot on Tuesday. This is for you! Ask and you shall receive Deathdealers. We are running it again, and this time we are running it at a time that better fits our EU members. This Saturday the 24th of May @ 19:30 GMT So please sign up, Request a roll, and let the fun begin! Briefing: "During a routine flight from Kandahar a UH-60 Blackhawk designated King Two Lima carrying 4 crew was shot down and crashed somewhere near the village of Sakhe. This is well within the Talibans area of control, and QRF ground forces will not reach the site in time to secure it or extract the crew. At this time UAV can not ascertain the status of the crew, and with Taliban closing in on the site we are out of time. We have available to us a Marine Force Recon element in the province that is standing by to secure the site, and recover the crew if possible. Expect heavy resistance as the area is firmly in enemy control. Phoenix out. " What we need: Team 1 Squad Lead @CommanderOwned UAV @Raven Medic - MG @Klobbson Demo @Jfranklin94 Marksmen @[13th] Exiduslol Rifleman @KingMoosey Rifleman Rifleman Note: All players are set to be "trained" medics. MOD List: All of Cup ACE TFAR CBA Advanced/Urban Rappelling Vcom AI V3.0 Shac tac (opt) Blast Core (opt)
  4. Battlefield V MEGATHREAD

    Go HOME DICE! Your Drunk. Is that a Smart watch on the black guy???
  5. Battlefield V Reveal...

    Yes! I am definitely looking forward to seeing what both Hell Let Lose, and Post Scriptum grow into.
  6. Battlefield V Reveal...

    I could not agree more.... Honestly the games DICE has been putting out have been, well less than entertaining... I wish they would stop trying to make everyone happy and just make good games. I have no plans on picking this one up. With games like Post Scriptum, and Hell Let Lose around the corner BF5 will most definitely not be my WW2 fix. RIP Battlefield, I am done with you...
  7. Breakwater (Tactical Tuesday - 5/29/2018)

    I will slot you as the VIP @CommanderOwned. If plans change let me know.
  8. Tactical Tuesday

    Place holder.
  9. Tactical Tuesday

    Place holder.
  10. Tactical Tuesday

    Place Holder.
  11. Tactical Tuesday

    Place holder.
  12. Operation Breakwater Georgetown, Tanoa ION PMC Group. 29 May 2018 (21:00 EST / 20:00 CST) Briefing: After Typhoon Angela’s landfall on Tanoa, IDAP’s disaster reaction team was flown in, along with supplies and emergency equipment to start trying to get the island back on its feet. However, due to the logistical issues the recovery effort spearheaded by IDAP has been slow at best; many of the islands residents are still without power, and many more have yet to receive aid. Tanoan citizens are disgruntled with IDAP, and alleged rumors of corruption have spread. They have gathered around the central IDAP facility in Georgetown to protest IDAP, and an executive of IDAP was flown in to address the growing crowd and the citizens of Tanoa. Due to acts of violence and raids on IDAP facilities, ION PMC has been hired to guard the VIP as well as strategic IDAP facilities. At this time you are to keep a low profile, as we don’t know what true threat there is to the VIP. What we need: VIP - @CommanderOwned Team @cJack @copat149 @Danius @WeabusUltimas @Jfranklin94 @Jason99vmi Note: All players are set to be "trained" medics. MOD List: All of Cup ACE TFAR CBA Vcom AI V3.0 Advanced/Urban Rappelling Shac tac (opt) Blast Core (opt) 3den enhanced (opt) RSVP on the calendar Note: The mission is not limited to 8 players. Once the PMC slots are filled I will add the additional player options.
  13. King Two Lima (Tactical Tuesday - 5/22/2018)

    Good Shit tonight BOYS!!!
  14. King Two Lima (Tactical Tuesday - 5/22/2018)

    Get ready boys!!! It's on tonight!
  15. ACE3 Advanced Medical System

    Deathdealers, some of us have been away for a little bit and my want a refresher. Some of you may be new all together to ACE Advanced Medical system. Here are some quick notes along with a link to a more detailed post. What is the ACE medical system? A system designed to add complexity, challenge, and value to medical elements of Arma 3, as the vanilla system is not suited to the gameplay style of BSO due to its excessive speed and over-simplicity. Why Advanced? ACE features two mission-dependant medical system settings: basic or advanced. The settings of each can be tweaked, however BSO uses the majority of the advanced medical features in the pursuit of making medical gameplay more engaging, and enjoyable, especially for the medic class which becomes more prominent. An additional incentive to not get shot is added through adding treatments which only medical classes can provide. Advanced medical introduces the following on top of what the basic system adds as a foundation: -Basic simulation of medications -Blood loss depending on injury severity and size -Vital signs -More accurate player hitpoint values -Tourniquet -Heart rate & blood pressure -More than 4 treatment methods as opposed to basic On the Battlefield What should you do if a teammate suffers an injury on the battlefield? Announce to your nearby teammates that you have a man down. Specify who has been hit (This is helpful for the team leader) using the radio if possible. Eliminate the threat before retrieving or treating the wounded. Deploy smoke if no usable cover is available for treating the patient. Before treatment, test the patient’s responsiveness and heart rate by using ACE interaction and looking at his head, the check responsiveness option will appear. If he does not respond and has no heart rate, he is KIA. If he is responsive and/or has a heart rate, move to the next step. Get the wounded into as safe a position as possible, do not put yourself at unnecessary risk. Note that if you are not the one patching the patient up, provide security instead. Apply tourniquets/CAT to any bleeding limb, and stop all bleeding. Prioritize bigger wounds first in your treatment. Call for assistance in treating the patient if there are too many wounds for you alone to treat. Once bleeding has been stopped, remove any tourniquets. Check heart rate. If low, do not apply morphine as you risk inducing cardiac arrest. If normal or high, apply morphine. (Also note that pain will vanish after 5-10 in game minutes). If the patient is not yet conscious, apply epinephrine. If the patient has lost lots of blood, apply IV treatment. If this is impossible, call for the medic to do so. Once the medic arrives, inform him of what treatment is needed and specifically for which patient. All note were takes from beowulfso.com. If you would like to read the entire post here is a link https://beowulfso.com/wiki/ACE3_Advanced_Medical_System I have also attached a link to some guides our community members have put together. Thanks @TheReal Kyle @CommanderOwned arma_medic.odt