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  1. cJack


    Squad up Spartans! It has been a minute since we have all got together and played SQUAD. A lot has changed and definitely worth giving another look if its been a while since you have played. We hit the field This Saturday at 2pm CST. Questions feel free to contact me. I hope to see you all there.
  2. cJack


    Spartans join us in the fight to break the boredom of the COVID:19 Quarantine. This Friday at 8pm CST we will be hosting an event in INSURGENCY SANDSTORM. We will start with some Frenzy, but the night is open to go wherever we would like. So crack some beers, and pop some corks. Its going to be a good time. All are welcome.
  3. cJack


    input stuff here
  4. Thanks for checking us out McPatrick. If you want to join the Discord we will be playing later tonight. We can play a few rounds and get to know each other. Here is a link to the Discord: https://discord.gg/YeZ3Bq
  5. cJack

    Kawatora: Scorched Earth

    Hammer Team Chief: callsign - Sandy
  6. Welcome @Stiff Head on over to the Discord and you can join some guys right now. We will be on later this evening as well.
  7. cJack

    General Fuckery

    What's up DEATHDEALERS!?!? I hope you all enjoyed the Holiday Break away from the action with your families, but the time has come to get back in the action! We will be hosting a General Fuckery sessions this weekend to help you all knock of that rust and get your game faces on. We will run through a number of scenarios to ensure you are ready to roll next week. I can tell you now Cambodia is no JOKE, so you will need to be on point. So grab your gear and join us this Saturday at 8pm CST. cJack out. Fighting 13th Arma Units link (https://units.arma3.com/unit/fighting13th) Mods will be posted to the Discord.