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  1. whiskeyf0x

    Last post wins V42

    wow, daytex is still around
  2. whiskeyf0x

    Realm Royale!

    another solution is to play duos with me so you can ask in person
  3. whiskeyf0x

    Last post wins V42

  4. whiskeyf0x

    Last post wins V42

    if the chief troll officer says so...
  5. whiskeyf0x

    Last post wins V42

    whats cyberpunk?
  6. whiskeyf0x

    Last post wins V42

    Vote to lock this thread here
  7. whiskeyf0x

    Realm Royale!

    It's free to play on steam, yall should join us. Imagine Fortnite without the building nonsense and add player classes for unique abilities. It's pretty addicting and so far been a generally good alpha game. Streamers have been repping it pretty hard so hopefully it picks up a good community. Steam Page
  8. whiskeyf0x

    Battlefield V MEGATHREAD

    I withdraw my negative comments. If Dutch plays with me, I'm sure I'll love this game.
  9. whiskeyf0x

    Battlefield V Reveal...

    Was anyone else completely turned off by the reveal trailer?? Just watched, and I've gotta say, my initial reaction is to instantly write off the game and let it fade into crappy gaming history. Where do I start... a MG42 taking out an aircraft in 1 burst? Female soldier with Braveheart facepaint and hooks for hands? Flak guns firing while being towed? Trucks falling out of the sky? It seems like BF is almost completely leaving the realm of reality and succumbing to the trashy, unrealistic gaming style of CoD that appeals to 12 yr olds looking to insult your mom. Anyone else feel similarly? Reveal Trailer 30-minute reveal show
  10. whiskeyf0x

    Exploring the Deep

    The wait for the first content update is over! Join our crew on The Hungering Deep's launch night and be among the first pirates to face the newest dangers on or under the seas! (hopefully no allmondbeards are amongst the perils) Our focus will be on discovering the new PVE adventures, but bring your bloodthirst as we're sure to clash into some PVP along the way.
  11. whiskeyf0x

    Community Poll #2: Favorite Team Sport?

    lol wasnt even that upset when we didnt make it. not the biggest surprise in the world. the USMNT is looking pretty solid as far as younger, next generation players so we'll have a comeback soon enough.