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  1. I would like Belgium to win but France is going to be a hard team to beat before the finals, but I think the winning team between France and Belgium will face Croatia, since England had a easy route to the semi's, but England still can pull a victory against Croatia but it will not be easy. Overall for me I hope any team but England wins lol.
  2. For me the game I'm anticipating the most is Metro Exodus, since I'm a big big fan of Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light; And the fact that they're bringing the series to the vast wasteland wilderness and small far out villages in Russia will make the setting more interesting, since in the two first games you where only able to experience the Moscow metro system and sometimes above ground in the centre of Moscow. But I'm also excited to see what Naughty Dog have to offer with the Last of Us 2 since I really liked the first game, and played all of the Uncharted games to know Naughty Dog will bring a quality game with a good story and great characters.