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  1. until
    Our monthly senior council meeting.
  2. until
    Monthly Senior Council Meeting.
  3. until
    Monthly Senior Council Meeting
  4. I will take Pilot, if not available i will take MG gunner for anvil
  5. EOD again please
  6. Great group of folks we got here, I love being here and thanks for having me lol
  7. Eod Tech - Callsign: Gopher (Unless im allowed to use Danklin)
  8. until

  9. Jfranklin94

    I WANT YOU!!!

    fuck yeah, love the idea.
  10. Danklin Approves!!! Good shit bronx keep it up
  11. Jfranklin94

    Operation Tiger Balm


    Fuck yes!!! this is gonna be sweet
  12. Jfranklin94

    Tactical Tuesday


    I want the MG slot if its open
  13. Jfranklin94

    Tactical Tuesday


    I reckon ill take that autorifleman slot