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  1. Jfranklin94

    Able Sentry: DOWNFALL (Tactical Tuesday - 7/10/2018)

    Figured it was, Im in lexington about 2 hours from the house or i would have been on lol
  2. Jfranklin94

    Able Sentry: DOWNFALL (Tactical Tuesday - 7/10/2018)

    Sorry i didnt get to be there tonight guys, Looks like it was pretty awesome though.
  3. Jfranklin94

    Able Sentry: Nightstalker (Tactical Tuesday - 7/03/2018)

    Lemme get the saw again
  4. Jfranklin94

    Last post wins V42

    Well just cause your getting this on your back then 8===D~~
  5. Jfranklin94

    Space Force

  6. Jfranklin94

    Liberate: Altis - Group up. Dominate


    Ill be wearing my new space force outfit!!!
  7. Ill be AR again
  8. Jfranklin94

    Tactical Tuesday


    Lemme Get dat SAW
  9. Jfranklin94

    Tactical Tuesday


    Ill be ammo bearer
  10. Jfranklin94

    D-DAY (Tactical Tuesday 6/05/2018)

    Ill be there
  11. Jfranklin94

    King Two Lima - (EU Time Slot)


    Sign me up for Demo if nobody else wants it
  12. Jfranklin94

    Breakwater (Tactical Tuesday - 5/29/2018)

    Im there, sign me up!!!!
  13. Wish i could have grabbed this before the contest was over lol