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  1. copat149

    [APPROVED] Vagrant Application [BFV]

    Approved, good dude RL friend of SirScott19
  2. copat149

    Battlefield V Group

    Screaming Eagles Company Game Battlefield V Region NA Active Nov 2018 - Present Commanding Officer CAPT @copat149 Executive Officer LT @CS42R test testa;dslkfjsdakl;f tesajt;kj ad;slkjfl;kasdjf a;ldjf;lkadsjf alkdsjf;lkasdjf adjflk;
  3. copat149

    [APPROVED] Thorpedo Application [BFV]

    Approved, good dude to play with
  4. copat149

    [APPROVED] StopKillingMe93 Application [BFV]

    I approve of this application. Good guy
  5. copat149

    [APPROVED] Poisoned Application [BFV]

    I approve of this application.
  6. copat149

    [APPROVED] SirScott19 Application [BFV]

    I approve, good dude.
  7. Hey All! If you play BFV with us here at the Fighting 13th could you please submit your Origin Username so we can create a comprehensive list to keep track? We will use to ensure everyone has everyone that could possibly play with them, as well as use it to track stats for possible ribbons/awards within the clan. ORIGIN USERNAMES LIST: copat149 thebronxbomber2 babokingg xXGreyW0lfXx BlackravenG37s mekline PhaseVortX Tindahbox MattijnT StixxMeister Boombat_General Lt_Tickledik ser_munchies HeavyG_93 CS42R Poisoned0 Gasssssr StopKillingMe93 BillyBantam Dukath Muligan146 Jax_Knife TheDanius d1sloyaL abho_clm RJBViking Kraknarr YouWannaBeBroski
  8. Approved though he needs to work on being more vocal.
  9. copat149

    [APPROVED] Dadeln Application [BFV]

    I approve of him. Decent Swede
  10. copat149

    [APPROVED] SpruceyMoosey Application [BFV]

    I approve of him
  11. copat149

    [APPROVED] tindahbox Application [BFV]

    Hey man come say hello on the discord! A few of us are playing as we speak
  12. copat149

    [APPROVED] HeavyG_93 Application [BFV]

    Played a few games with him this evening, I approve.
  13. copat149

    [APPROVED] Brolivo Application [BFV]

    Also played a few games with him as well this evening, I approve