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  1. We found a voice fix! So now everyone will hear you scream.
  2. Read the title. Get together with as many of us as possible.
  3. Inter-clan Fleet based PvP using baseline T1 frigates and cruiser (composition of fleets to be based on signups, IE, a cruiser support by multiple frigates or multiple cruisers, etc) THE RULES: Signup by 12 Midnight PST of March 1st All that are signed up will then be divided into teams; this will be done taking into account experience and character skill level. Teams will then have until FRIDAY MARCH 6th at 12 Midnight PST to submit and have approved their Fleets fits. These will then be bought and provided by the Corp. FITTING RULES: Meta 1 Modules (IE, Heavy Missile Launcher I, NOT an ‘Arbalest’) No Faction/Officer/Deadspace Modules, Ships, Ammo, Drones, etc. No Nanite Paste (Too expensive) No T2 variants of any kind. Base Race ships only (Minimatar, Amarr, Gallente, and Caldari) FLEETS WILL ADHERE STRICTLY TO ASSIGNED COMPOSITION (Such as 1 Cruiser 3 Frigates, etc) GAMEPLAY: Fleets will assemble at their respectively assigned areas. Upon announcing fleets are ready, the Play Grid will be announced and Fleets will then be given the Green Light to warp to that Grid *at any distance they choose* Whichever fleet eliminates the other first is the winner. Warping out of the grid is not allowed, fight till the end. DO NOT POD OR ATTEMPT TO POD YOUR FELLOW CLAN MEMBERS.
  4. After the removal of CSAT Forces from Altis, an uneasy peace settled over the island nation as the AAF and the Altian government attempted to rebuild. In the shadows, VIPER teams had been dispatched to blend in with the local populace and sow discontent with the governments slow rebuilding process. Angered over the lack of progress, an armed insurgency has erupted across Altis, and the still battered AAF have lost all ability to contain the situation. NATO, still in the process of withdrawing equipment and personnel from the fight, has halted and turned its attention back onto the island nation after a suicide bomber killed 14 NATO personnel and 4 British Nationals near the Altis International Airport. In response NATO forces have announced that forces will remain in place until the insurgents have been dealt with and the situation is under control. Alongside NATO's response, a British SAS team has been dispatched with the intent on punishing those that dare raise the flag of war against her, and have been tasked directly with finding and eliminating the VIPER commander on Altis. In an effort to not repeat the past mistakes of Iraq and Afghanistan, NATO forces have been assigned a local AAF unit to facilitate interaction with the locals, in an effort to lower tensions and hopefully gain more intel on insurgent movements. CBRN equipment has also been dispatched to all units as intel has been received that Insurgent forces have acquired, and plan to use, chemical weapons to further their goals. It is of the utmost importance that destruction of peoples homes, civilian casualties, and unnecessary violence be avoided at all costs. OBJECTIVES: Elimination of VIPER Commander Destruction of Weapons Depots, Recruitment Centers, and IED Factories Route Clearance of Main Highways and MSRs Intelligence gathering on Insurgent movements. Destruction of Chemical Weapons. WHAT WE NEED: MEDEVAC TEAM - 79AD 2x Helicopter Pilots 1 Crew Chief 2x Flight Medics CAS TEAM [AAF] 2x Helicopter Pilots - Kevin , lolitsjon F13 EOD TEAM 1 Team Leader 3x EOD 1 Repair Specialist INF TEAM 1 - F13 1 Team Leader - Omega F13 1 Sharpshooter - CS42R F13 1 Medic - Raven F13 1 Autorifleman - Wulfie F13 1 Rifleman - RakingLeaves F13 1 Rifleman Light AT - Todo F13 INF TEAM 2 - F13 1 Team Leader - Danius F13 1 Machine Gunner - Danklin F13 1 Ammo Bearer - Skya F13 1 Medic - Ivar F13 1 Rifleman - Crusader F13 1 Grenadier - Baboking F13 INF TEAM 3 [AAF] 1 Team Leader 1 Autorifleman 1 Medic 1 Grenadier 1 Ammo Bearer 1 Radio Operator SQUAD LEADER [of Teams 1/2/3] 1 Squad Leader 1 Radio Operator 1 UAV Operator BRITISH SAS TEAM - 1-505th 1 Recon Team Leader 1 Recon Medic 1 Recon JTAC 1 Recon Autorifleman 1 Sniper 1 Spotter CREW SERVE TEAM 1 Team Leader 1 Crew Serve Gunner 1 Assistant Crew Serve Gunner 1 Ammo Bearer 1 Radio Operator COMMAND ELEMENT - F13 ZEUS - Copat149 F13 ARTEMIS - Billy Mayonaise F13 Radio Operator Please maintain Clan integrity where possible, but we do encourage mixing it up!
  5. until
    With the onset of hostilities between NATO and CSAT forces as the latter aggressively expand their territory and control into the "Med", CSAT have fired the opening shots in all at war. The 98th Guards has deployed a Mechanized unit to take Altis, whose strategic command of the Eastern Mediterranean is of dire import to either side. While the AAF fought a valiant delaying action against the aggressive and brutal onslaught of the CSAT invasion, they have lost control of their country and now hold a small pocket near the South Eastern edge of the island nation. CSAT has used their control of the island to erect SAM hardpoints as well as SCUD missile sites, in hopes of controlling shipping lanes in the Eastern Med. NATO forces have committed the 13th MEU with supporting units and CAG CVN-83 [USS FREEDOM] to retake Altis and assist the AAF in regaining control of their country. Primary Objectives are as follows: 1. Secure the AAFs remaining foothold on Altis 2. Eliminate SAM Hardpoints to solidify our Air Superiority 3. Destroy ALL SCUD Missile Sites. 4. Capture of Key Objectives: MSR IRISH OBJ MODOR OBJ ROHAN OBJ GONDOR Secondary Objectives are as follows: 1. Secure defense along Phase Line Riddermark 2. Destroy Fire-Finder and Anti-Air Radar Sites. 3. Elimination of Viper Forces. 4. Capture CSAT SATCOM Equipment. Mod List is attached. The Op will run 2 cumulative sessions approximately 4 hours each starting and ending the same time on Saturday and Sunday. The week prior a Briefing and Planning session will be held with all Squad Leaders. Arma 3 Preset Aegis2.html
  6. copat149

    Operation Whiteout

    EUCOM has received intel that GRU forces have deployed to Altis and are using an abandoned hotel complex to conduct clandestine distribution of arms and WMDs to insurgent forces in the area. Unique weather conditions have resulted in an inability to maintain satellite surveillance and drones are unable to fly as a high strength blizzard has moved over the island. Further intel suggests that rapid deployment of arms is being facilitated through [redacted]. The possibility of losing GRU forces and their WMD distribution network is a risk we are not willing to take. Your team is being deployed immediately. Prepare for adverse winter conditions.
  7. Commanding Officer (CO): @copat149 Executive Officer (XO): @Raven Established: xxx 2013 Current Games Playing: ARMA III, Mordhau, Hell Let Loose, various other tactical games. The Tactical Combat "Spartans" Division is an official division of the Fighting 13th. A division is composed of anywhere between 15 and 100 members and is led by a Commanding Officer (CO) and an Executive Officer (XO) along with various key staff members. Organization The Tactical Combat Division is split into the ARMA III and xxx squads. History The Tactical Combat Division began as the ARMA III division back in xxx 2013 under the leadership of xxxx. It has a long and storied history within the Fighting 13th. Honors and Awards Previous Commanders xxx Patch and other Graphics
  8. copat149

    King Two Lima

    King Two Lima updated with a better map and better mod resources to ensure he highest quality mission possible! Mission Summary: On a routine return flight from transporting an infantry squad in the mountainous Helmad province of Afgahanistan, USMC flight of helicopters came under heavy anti-air fire from emplacements in the mountains that had witnessed there early ingress into the AO. Of the flight of 4 helicopters, one was shot down and the crew managed to escape the wreckage before being set upon by insurgent forces. Your team is being tasked with finding and rescuing the crew and eliminating the enemy anti-air emplacements to allow freedom of movement in the province again. What we need: There are two primary teams of five, composed of: 1 Team Lead 1 Medic 1 Demolitions Specialist 1 Breacher (Breaching Charges) 1 Operator These teams are HAMMER and ANVIL 1 Two-Man Sniper Team 1 Overall Element Lead 1 Two-Man Apache Team (Note: Most of the mission will be away from the main effort for you) 1 Four-Man Chinook Team (Note: Most of the mission will be away from the main effort for you; there is a drone operator slot in this group) Pilots of either Team *must* be familiar with flying in Arma 3. Both members of the Apache team are highly recommended to be familiar with ACE LASER Mechanics and be familiar with RHS Apache operation. The mission run time is dependent on you guys. It may be short or long depending on level of RP and time taken on objectives.
  9. copat149


    A temporary research site was established on Altis by a joint NATO and LDF task force after [Redacted] impacted. We’ve lost communication with the site and satellite imagery shows subsystems failure across the entire facility. We can’t afford an outbreak, as it may put the entire island in jeopardy. A Critical Response team is being positioned to secure the site and contain any potential outbreak. [Redacted] is highly reactive. We don’t know what has happened but vital signs on personnel are steadily disappearing. CBRN and Decon teams are standing by. Rescue any survivors and research data. Contain the Outbreak. Infected are to be Terminated.