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  1. until

    Afraid im away that saturday for a concert. Will not be able to join on that particular date. Sorry
  2. I have these weapons - Outbreak Perfected - DARCI - Polaris Lance(I would like to try a team of this one personally because I think it could be a sleeper for sustained DPS) - Sleeper Stimulant(Not optimal, but can work in a pinch)
  3. Nice newsletter. Good to see so many divisions and games beeing played actively by many members. Let us hope it keeps going well for all the games and the restarted Destiny 2 team!
  4. Age 45 Gender Male Location Norway GMT+1 timezone Microphone Yes Discord Username Tsenng#0291 Origin Name Tsenng/Tsenngu Referrer How did you hear about us? Official BFV forums platoon section Hours of availability Usually every week night from round 7PM(19.00 GMT+1) And a few hours out through the night. Also most weekends sometimes all day sometimes half day/half night Why do you want to join us? Saw your post on the BFV platoon forums and what was written there seemed to fit my playstyle and personality. I want to have fun gaming with a likeminded group of ppl that want to have fun but also strive for some cooperation and teamplay. Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? Well..i am good at life if you ask me :D...other then that im a chill guy used to lead ppl at work so i would make a great squad leader!!!...well to be truthful i dunno. I am a grown up chill guy with a smooth temper and im good at talking to ppl :) Additional information Been playing games for about 30 years. I enjoy all kinds of games but i do like Battlefield type games / assassins creed&tomb raider games. Driving games..adventure games...diablo 3...formerly a wow/everquest veteran..simply i like gaming overall! Living with my GF for 15 years and got my own little mancave at home where i do my gaming/work etc. Anything else you all want to know just ask.