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  1. Age 30 Gender Male Location UK, South Wales Microphone Yes Discord ID Vitulus #0128 Steam username Horatio Referrer Nyendra How did you hear about us? Nyendra <3 Hours of availability Loads? Depends on work. Usually at least a few hours on the weekend. Minimum 2 hours, maximum 10 per weekend day. Why do you want to join us? Chris P Bacon (Jancs) made me do it! H.E.L.P. ! Also I'm a cool guy wanting to be with other cool people <3 Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? If anyone needs any dyslexia (or SpLD) advice, I assess and offer private tuition for all ages. Happy for private messages for informal stuff :) Additional information I play WoW a lot as well. I tank, heal and dps. I enjoy playing a supportive/needed role in a group and am happy to follow orders! I also play a bit of HotS and some Clash Royale (Challenger 2).