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  1. IM shit at all. Id play medic, but I get lost.
  2. Hey everyone! We have formed a fighting 13th Snapchat group. We have atleast 6 or 7 people in there currently. IT has been pretty interesting, and allows us to build closer relationships with one another. No noody pics allowed. If you post these, you will be immediately removed. If you are interested in joining please message @Predacon and he will add you.
  3. Ill have to look into it. I may need to find a way to fund these terrible games.
  4. Hey Everybirdie, Hatoful Boyfriend. There are so many things that could be said about this game. I know half of the clan has been gifted this game, so I’m sure everyone has at least heard of it. I’m not quite sure where to start so here goes… Basically the game starts on the first day of school at a bird academy which is advertised as “the World’s greatest gathering place for gifted birds”. Doh! Of course I sleep in on my first day of school, Jeepers! I assume I am a bird, and everyone seems to be boys so I must be too. I meet different bird school mates, and slowly learn their personalities. One of them is my bestie, one is a pretentious douche, and there are a few others. So the school day consists of going to different classes such as PE, music, or math, etc. So I got to choose which class I wanted to attend first. I felt pretty jazzy and excited so I thought I would try out PE. While getting ready for class I am told that I can’t participate because they are flying for class. So am I not a bird then? Half bird?? ...which half? So after feeling defeated for not having wings, I end up going to math class where a half-breed…or non-breed belonged… The next day I decided to try out PE again, just to seek some redemption. This time was awesome, and I even signed up for a marathon. I guess I ran the marathon during class, but I never find out how I finished. So after a hostile encounter with a bird named Sakuya, I found out that I was, in fact, a disgusting human. No wonder people were mean to me. I was a single poppy in a field of rye. My friend was busy with a pudding cup where he described as ‘Dancing around on squished pudding’. Yea I didn’t understand it either. He must have a bird brain… *slaps knee* So I continue to go to school as the game continues. I swam in gym, join the student council, and all of the other glorious things kids do in high school. I did find out I was a girl too. SO I am a human girl in a school full of boys. That makes total sense. Eventually I bomb my midterm in math, and I stand up to a bully for being mean. Someone even made the comment “beats other bird up like a real gangsta pigeon”. I was finally earning some street cred with these homies. This concludes the game play for this review. I couldn’t stand to play anymore, and that’s pretty bad if it’s coming from me. So I would recommend everyone try this game out. I never did encounter anything relating to a boyfriend, but my best friend did give me a ride home on his pink scooter… Anyway the game has some racism and sexist undertones. It lacked the ability to get to the point quickly, and all in all it was interesting. To be continued?
  5. Where can I download the game? Or do I have to wait until open beta?
  6. THat's the question. I dont know yet. Afternoon= around noon or anytime after. Evening can start at 5 or 6 or later imo. I honestly dont know, but I dont want to set a date and only 2 people can come.
  7. I dont have a time or date yet. That's why there is a poll. If noone votes then there's probably no tts.
  8. Hey!! Join us for a revamp of table top Sim night. It's been a while since we have had one. I plan for it to be this coming Fri (Sep 7) or Sat (Sep 8). I want to include as many people as we can. I dont have a game picked out yet, it kind of depends on the turn out. Secret Hitler is always a classic, and I have a Trogdor game that's interesting. IT really just depends on what is in the Workshop. IF there are any game ideas or anyone who wants to help organize these events, just let me know. Booze is encouraged. Here is the link to the steam store page. https://store.steampowered.com/app/286160/
  9. It just popped up on my steam recommendations, bwhahaha
  10. I will be in Nashville.
  11. I have played a lot of terrible games, but this is actually not one of them. Sure it’s mega tacky and ridiculous, but it kept me wanting to play it….at least one time through. Basically, you died, and you’re lonely. You go to try out speed dating….for ghosts. There are 3 different rooms to choose from, and each room allows you to go on 3 speed-dates with random ghosts. You answer questions which can be answered in a number of different ways. There is two rounds for each ghost. Then you decide who is the least pathetic to go on a “date” with. During the date you learn the ghost’s story and how/why they died. You absolutely can answer questions in an unsavory way…sometimes the ghosts will tell on you…or just disappear altogether. I’m not even going to lie; I got ditched on my first date. It was embarrassing. Liked it. 10/10 will fake date again. The second time through isn’t as much fun.
  12. So we could try for something this weekend...maybe Friday or sat night. We can potentially play the Trogdor game, or we can load something else based off of the group. Also, my brother says 'hi' and that we should look into Throne of Lies...which is a table top social game. I'm going to put a poll out later tonight trying to figure out what night works the best.