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  1. Kawatora: Scorched Earth



    Your team has infiltrated and established themselves in the Tonle Sekong river valley, and we have determined that things are far worse than we had previously believed.


    The Yangons presence here is significant, and there is no opposition to prevent their further spread and growth here in Cambodia, and the local army garrison is supporting them as was evident when they reinforced the plantation. They have also significantly increased the size of their own forces; where we had previously estimated the local Yangon to number no more than a few hundred fighters, the large concentrations you ran into during the infil suggest they number well into the thousands. They have proven to be a much more dangerous threat than we believed, and our Marines went into a death trap unknowingly. The bodies you found at the church and the craters surrounding it makes it clear that the Marines were discovered and cornered, but where the other team members are is unclear. 

    SEALs, it is time we switch gears. Your mission is no longer passive recon and intelligence gathering, but one of total war. With local authorities and Yangon working together against the Cambodian government and our Special Forces teams, any and all armed entities will be considered a threat. 


    Find the missing Marines, and destroy any Yangon assets you come across.


    You are authorized to use any means necessary to eliminate the Yangon.


    Burn it all down.

    See Forum Post for Mod List - Same as Last Week.



    Phoenix and Harpy [ZEUS] [Copat149]


    Team Chief [Considered Overall Lead] [cJack - Sandy]

    EOD Tech [Demolitions] [Danklin - Gopher]

    Scout Lead [Raven - Bravo-Zulu] (Tentative)

    Scout Sniper  [Omega - Haymaker]

    Scout Spotter 


    Element Leader [Coreboy - Cowboy]

    Mechanic [Can fix vehicles] [CS42R - Diesel]


    Operator [Breacher] 

    SARC Medic  [Weabus - Poutine]


    Element Leader [Danius - Dreidel] (Tentative)

    Mechanic [Can fix vehicles] [LT - Torque]

    Operator [Neo - November]

    Operator [Autorifleman] [Baboking - Humbug]

    SARC Medic 

    When you RSVP, Please Select a Slot. You do not have to use the same slot as last week.

  2. Officer Voice Meeting until

    Officer Voice Meeting in the Discord Officer Lounge as voted by Leadership/Command.

    Agenda to be circulated prior, please DM @Danius if you have a specific issue you'd like to discuss.

  3. Kawatora: Veiled Threat

    Veiled Threat

    With the disappearance of the Marine Force Recon team and the Yangon’s continued and rapid expansion in the Golden Triangle, the situation in Cambodia has risen to its boiling point.



    While extended periods of no-contact can be expected with long range reconnaissance, the sudden lack of communication from the Force Recon team is highly unusual given their expertise and the non-military nature of the target. Their latest reports however have suggested that the Yangon are more than the usual crime lords; they have managed to amass a staggering amount of military grade equipment and weapons, while at the same time coercing any rival gangs to capitulate territory or recruiting entire organizations in days.

    With the Yangon soon threatening to expand outside of the Golden Triangle, it is imperative that we cripple and destroy the organization before it becomes a global problem.

    Your SEAL team is to do just that.

    You will be inserted under the cover of darkness via UH-1Y Hueys with RHIB assault craft and conduct further recon of the Tonle Sekong river, and disrupt, destroy, and dismantle the Yangon’s drug production along with any weapons caches you find. We will also need you to garner any information on the missing Marines, as there has been no word or sight of them in over a week.

    Stealth is paramount here SEALs, as we still do not know the nature of the relationship between local government forces and the Yangon; if you’re discovered we can not guarantee they will be friendly.

    If you are discovered, or if you find a target worth going hot for, Violence of Action will be key. You are directed to use extreme force against all hostile entities and destroy any and all production sites and equipment.

    “Who Dares, Wins”



    Phoenix and Harpy [ZEUS] [Copat149 & Weabus]


    Team Chief [Considered Overall Lead] [cJack - Sandy]

    EOD Tech [Demolitions] [Danklin - Gopher]

    Scout Lead [BlackRaven - Bravo-Zulu]

    Scout Sniper  [Omega - Haymaker]

    Scout Spotter [AmericanCoreBoy - Cowboy]


    Element Leader [Danius - Dreidel]

    Mechanic [Can fix vehicles] [CS42R - Diesel]

    Operator [Chris - Sparrow]

    Operator [Autorifleman] [Spillner - Venator]

    SARC Medic  [Lt_Tickeldik - Tinkerbell]


    Element Leader

    Mechanic [Can fix vehicles] [Baboking - Humbug]

    Operator [Neo - November]

    Operator [Breacher]

    SARC Medic [Klobbson - Daybreak]

    For this Campaign, we are doing something a little different. When you RSVP and choose a slot, provide a "Callsign" for your use for the rest of the campaign. You will not be stuck with this slot for the whole campaign, just the callsign. So pick something you like!

    See the Forum Post for the Campaign Mod List


  4. Insurgency: Sandstorm Event until

    Suit up Spartans! This INS event is scheduled for one hour but I and many others will be on well after the scheduled time as usual. Our INS events have been fun, action packed, and had us laughing on many occasions. Join the INS discussion in the Discord "Tactical-Shooters" chat and join the Spartans Tactical Shooters club: