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  1. Last post wins V42

    This is so dumb.
  2. Board Games with the Fighting 13th

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/7dm3e65j2eubf0v/Screenshot 2017-01-28 17.14.54_cropped.png Board Games with the Fighting 13th Returns!! Join us for another addition of our board game series, hosted via Tabletop Simulator!! Specific game we will be playing is still TBD, although most games have a 6 person maximum. If you are interested in joining, please contact @Danius ASAP. Potential games include: Scythe House on Haunted Hill Dead of Winter Zombicide Zombicide: Black Plague == Current signups == @Danius @BillyBantam @Chris P Bacon @Global Papi @baboking @CS42R - [MAYBE] @Rorschach - [MAYBE]
  3. Last post wins V42

    I am not posting in this.
  4. Senior Council Meeting - February 8 - Official Responses Hey everyone! To our US members - Happy President's Day Weekend!! On Saturday, February 3, 2018 we held our first “town hall” meeting of the Fighting 13th’s Senior Council. The purpose of these meetings is for members of our Senior Council to raise issues, concerns, feedback, and ideas for the community. Leadership and Command Element were not in attendance at the meeting, allowing for participants to provide candid and anonymous (if desired) feedback which could relate directly to specific members of Command and/or Leadership. We have prepared written responses to the main topic raised at the meeting. If you are interested in checking it out and getting a better idea as to what is happening behind the scenes, check out the PDF linked below. As always, we welcome feedback from all members at any time. Senior Council Meeting - Feb 2018 - CE Response.pdf
  5. May I have your attention, please

  6. TEST EVENT 02

    This will be a test.
  7. Stellaris_Test_02

  8. Stellaris_Test_01

  9. hello

    The cake is a lie.