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  1. Danius

    King Two Lima [Sunday]

    I'd be down for Sunday
  2. Danius

    Liberate: Altis - Group up. Dominate

    Liberation: Altis - Fighting 13th Group Up!! Over the past several weeks, Deathdealer operatives have been successful at securing a beachhead and foothold in our efforts to liberate the island nation of Altis from CSAT aggressors. However, CSAT has gotten wise to our attempts and have begun calling for reinforcements from across the region to secure their front lines. Weapon shipments and personnel are flooding the island, and our position has become tenuous. We are calling on any and all available Fighting 13th personnel to come to our aid and assist with repelling the CSAT threat and bringing peace and prosperity to the people of Alits. Will you answer the call? Will you be the shining light in the darkness of tyranny? Enlist today. Glory tomorrow! REQUIRED MOD LIST: - ACE - CBA - Advanced Rapelling - Task Force Radio
  3. Danius

    D-DAY (Tactical Tuesday 6/05/2018)

    I'm in.
  4. Danius

    Scripts and Tips

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- ANIMATE BAR GATES TO OPEN AND CLOSE ---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the editor: Create a bargate and give it a name. Example - gate01 Create a trigger and place in desired location. Double click the trigger, and set the desired condition. Example: ACTIVATION: BLUFOR | ACTIVATION TYPE: PRESENT - will trigger when any BLUFOR unit is present, player or AI Activate the REPEATABLE option (optional) In ON ACTIVATION enter the following code: gate01 animate ["Door_1_rot", 1] In ON DEACTIVATION enter the following code: gate01 animate ["Door_1_rot", 0]
  5. Danius

    Scripts and Tips

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- SET MISSION START DATE & TIME ---- ---- SET DAYLIGHT AND NIGHT DURATION ---- ---- & SET TIME TO GO FASTER AT NIGHT THAN DAY ---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ In your mission folder create a file called time.sqf Insert following code: setDate [2036, 2, 25, 13, 00]; //(4:00pm February 25, 1986) if (!isServer) exitWith {}; while {true} do { if (daytime >= 19 || daytime < 5) then // after 7pm and before 5am time multiplier changes { setTimeMultiplier 16 // adjust this value for slower or faster night cycle ( 24 hours will take 1 hour ) } else { setTimeMultiplier 8 // adjust this value for slower or faster day cycle ( 12 hours will take 1 hour ) }; uiSleep 30; }; In your mission folder create a file called init.sqf Insert following code: //TIME ACCELERATION [] execVM "time.sqf";
  6. Danius

    Scripts and Tips

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- PRESET TFAR SETTINGS FOR ALL PLAYERS ---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ In your mission folder create a file called init.sqf Insert following code: // TFR mod configuration #include "\task_force_radio\functions\common.sqf"; tf_give_personal_radio_to_regular_soldier = true; publicVariable "tf_give_personal_radio_to_regular_soldier"; tf_same_sw_frequencies_for_side = true; publicVariable "tf_same_sw_frequencies_for_side"; tf_same_lr_frequencies_for_side = true; publicVariable "tf_same_lr_frequencies_for_side"; _settingsSwWest = false call TFAR_fnc_generateSwSettings; _settingsSwWest set [2, ["101","102","103","104","105","106","107","108"]]; tf_freq_west = _settingsSwWest; publicVariable "tf_freq_west"; _settingsLRWest = false call TFAR_fnc_generateLRSettings; _settingsLRWest set [2, ["50","60","52","53","54","55","56","57","58"]]; tf_freq_west_lr = _settingsLRWest; publicVariable "tf_freq_west_lr"; ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- TURN OFF ALL NPC RADIO CHATTER ---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ In your mission folder create a file called init.sqf Insert following code: //Mute radio chatter 0 fadeRadio 0;
  7. Danius



    Not going to make it on May 26th. I will be out of town.
  8. Danius

    Stellaris - New MP Session


    That's cool, you can stay as long as you want. If you drop out the AI will take over.
  9. Danius

    Stellaris - New MP Session

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ New Stellaris Multiplayer Session #1 (Official title TBD) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It's been a while since we did the last Stellaris multiplayer session, and there has been some interest in hosting another. So come join us as we set off the conquer the galaxy once again. The plan is to start this early in the day on Sunday, and play for most of the day with a break for lunch. The longer we play, the more cool shit we'll get to see, build, and kill. Hopefully this will be the first of a series of new sessions with a consistent group. We'll probably take a couple of weeks off after this session and then try to give people time to schedule a follow up with everyone. The name of this multiplayer session will be decided as galactic events unfold. RSVP to this event so we can get a good headcount.
  10. Danius

    Arma 3 - Operation Risen


    Check this dicord YO @Predacon
  11. Danius

    Arma 3 - Operation Risen

    Operation Risen A custom Arma 3 mission by Danius -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TO: NATO MALDEN OPERATIVES PRIORITY: HIGH Intel reports FIA forces are conducting a campaign of ethnic cleansing and brutalization of the local populace within a region of Malden. This region has recently fallen to insurgent hands, and FIA forces have wasted no time enacting a campaign of terror against civilians. FIA troops are being supplied with CSAT weaponry and logistical support. FIA efforts are being coordinated and directed by a local warleader operating out of a command center somewhere in the region. NATO forces have been deployed to a covert FOB close to enemy lines. Mission objectives are to interrupt FIA atrocities against the local population, discover the location of local warleader's HQ, and eliminate the commander. Air support is restricted and supply lines are unstable, so be prepared for infantry-based operations. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOD LIST: ACE, CBA, ARES, TFAR CONFIRMED OPERATIVES: ZEUS: Danius Alpha 1 - Actual (SL): Stormhall Alpha 1-1: Kigon Alpha 1-3: Klobbson Alpha 1-4: Shodprism Alpha 1-5: Hopper Alpha 1-6: Copat Bravo 1-1: CommanderOwned Bravo 1-2: Duckie
  12. I bet you all thought we forgot about the Official Screenshot and Media Competition that we spoke about last month. But you would only be partially correct!! At long last, I have posted all of the screenshots we received for the competition on the new website. Thanks to everyone who submitted screenshots and videos, some are really, really awesome. You can view all the entries by clicking on the link below. One of the purposes of this competition was to be able to test out some functionality with the site and see how our members enjoy or dislike interacting with it. Please head over to that link, check out all the screenshots, leave some ratings or some comments, and then let us know what you think of the site. Please visit the gallery and check out all the screenshots, leave some ratings or some comments, and then let us know what you think of the site. We'll be selecting a few finalists and will then hold a poll to determine the winner. Many of the people who submitted media for this competition are part of @Leadership so we'll need to make them eligible for the prize as well. Next time we do one of these I would hope to see some awesome screenshots by many many more of you. As a reminder, the winner of this competition will receive a free DARK SOULS III and DLC key
  13. Danius


  14. Danius

    Screenshot Competition - 2018

    Inside are all of the awesome entries we received from the 2018 Screenshot and Media Competition.
  15. Danius