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  1. Hello, I am ZIR_JAGER. I am 18, half German, half American. I live in America. I only recently joined and hope to make acquaintances out of many of you. A few of my hobbies are history (mostly about wars), gaming, and watching anime. I currently am studying mechatronics in a duel enrollment class. I'm a pretty chill person unless someone is being a jerk. I hope i get along with all of you.
  2. Age 18 Gender Male Location USA CST Microphone Yes Discord Username ZIR_JAGER#2136 Origin Name ZIR_JAGER Referrer Goarch33se How did you hear about us? BFV Hours of availability usually towards the end of the day on weekdays and most of the day on weekends and late nights Fridays and Saturdays Why do you want to join us? Cause you seem fun Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? I'm pretty sure i have a pretty strong ability to not be toxic and a natural want to help my friends/team. Additional information