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  1. RJBViking

    Community Poll #11: How Many Tabs do you have Open?

    It was 4 but then this poll made it 5. You could say I'm a casual internet surfer.
  2. RJBViking

    Community Poll #10: What did you think of the BFV Beta?

    It was pretty decent. Many fun moments (which is what video games is about, isn't it?). I will get this if I'm able to upgrade my PC, it was a pretty rough experience playing it on my current setup
  3. RJBViking

    Last post wins V42

    Updated my map location. No longer the most northern :(
  4. RJBViking

    Battlefield V Open Beta Event - September 8/9

    Was fun when the game actually let me play!
  5. RJBViking

    Battlefield V Open Beta Event - September 8/9

    I don't know man, it's just fun! Shooting people and stuff. No but I actually enjoy the new small elements like the health regen and that you start with less ammo. The maps are also fun, and I haven't really enjoyed many maps in BF since 3.
  6. RJBViking

    Battlefield V Open Beta Event - September 8/9

    I like the beta, it's fun!
  7. RJBViking

    World War 3

    Maybe I'm wrong but this reminds me of Modern Warfare 2/3, I don't know man
  8. RJBViking

    "Pets" of the Fighting 13th

    This is Goldie. All these outdoorsy pictures make it seem like I go outside a lot... That may or may not be the case.
  9. RJBViking

    Community Poll #9: How did you hear about us?

    Googled Battlefield 3 clans and ended up on some website called battlefield.net or something along those lines? I don't recall now, but there was a recruitment thread there! I don't know which option that would qualify for in the poll ?
  10. RJBViking

    Feeling Nostalgic

    I would totally be up for that as well.
  11. RJBViking

    Feeling Nostalgic

    Can we please play this more? My favourite FPS of all times, and a big reason why is the 13th ??
  12. RJBViking

    Show off your Rig

    Holy shit
  13. RJBViking

    Community Poll #8: Best "Star/Space" Movie

    Thank you @thebronxbomber, I already feel enriched with knowledge.
  14. RJBViking

    Last post wins V42

    It's so jævla hot, this summer is actually killing me. My apologies, I just needed to get that out there.
  15. RJBViking

    Community Poll #8: Best "Star/Space" Movie

    Not a huge space dude so I'm gonna go basic and classic with Star Wars. Although Space Jam is a hard contestant.