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  1. RJBViking

    Burnout Paradise Remastered

    Hit me up if you ever wanna play! I bought it recently (for the ps4, had hours and hours of fun with this years ago), but it's not very fun on my own. My name is m6access on PSN.
  2. RJBViking

    Burnout Paradise Remastered

    Anyone happen to play this on PS4?
  3. RJBViking

    Community Poll #14: New Years Resolutions

    Work out more, eat healthier. Decided to postpone to Febuary, with the option to postpone to next January
  4. RJBViking

    BFV Origin Username List

  5. Less than $50, I believe. Black Friday definitely felt like it lasted 2 weeks. Most stores over here seems to go for a Black Week starting the weekend before.
  6. RJBViking

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    A few Christmas present, and PS+ 20% off for myself. Going to be struggling to feed myself for the next month but hopefully it'll be worth it!
  7. RJBViking

    Battlefield V: Are you getting it?

    I'm most likely waiting until after Christmas to upgrade my PC and then I'll get the game for sure.
  8. RJBViking

    Community Poll #11: How Many Tabs do you have Open?

    It was 4 but then this poll made it 5. You could say I'm a casual internet surfer.
  9. RJBViking

    Community Poll #10: What did you think of the BFV Beta?

    It was pretty decent. Many fun moments (which is what video games is about, isn't it?). I will get this if I'm able to upgrade my PC, it was a pretty rough experience playing it on my current setup
  10. RJBViking

    Last post wins V42

    Updated my map location. No longer the most northern :(
  11. RJBViking

    Battlefield V Open Beta Event - September 8/9

    Was fun when the game actually let me play!
  12. RJBViking

    Battlefield V Open Beta Event - September 8/9

    I don't know man, it's just fun! Shooting people and stuff. No but I actually enjoy the new small elements like the health regen and that you start with less ammo. The maps are also fun, and I haven't really enjoyed many maps in BF since 3.
  13. RJBViking

    Battlefield V Open Beta Event - September 8/9

    I like the beta, it's fun!
  14. RJBViking

    World War 3

    Maybe I'm wrong but this reminds me of Modern Warfare 2/3, I don't know man