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  1. nah, i never won one on the og site so now's my time
  2. Hello again all. Name's, Will as some of you know (and could probably guess) and I used to be a heavily involved member in the Fighting 13th, formerly the 13th MEU. Back in the day I was apart of the Battlefield Play4Free and was one of the Server renters for the clan. Once P4F was shut down by EA, I transitioned into BF3 and BF4 with the clan. During this I was in school at West Virginia University and started toning down my involvement a bit for school. I pushed pretty heavily for a League of Legends squad, and one was finally made (of course) right around the time I stopped participating with the clan, and gaming, completely. Since then, I've graduated with a degree in Geology and a minor in Geographic Information Systems, I've gotten married, and I now work for a telecommunications company called Crown Castle mapping and managing their fiber and cell network. I've been getting back into gaming over the past year, so I was glad to see the clan still going strong, and now on the 3rd website. I look forward to playing with everyone, old and new! PS. I know you've missed Negative Nancy Bronx ❤️
  3. Age 24 Gender Male Location USA EST Microphone Yes Discord Username Captain Diabeetus Origin Name WilldoBaggins1 Referrer Myself How did you hear about us? OG 13th MEU Member Hours of availability 20 Why do you want to join us? Getting back into gaming after taking a long hiatus Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? Bronx knows I do Additional information Gamertags for games range from WillDill to WilldoBaggins1 to CptDiabeetus I know youve missed my Bronxy ❤️