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  1. Congrats all and hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!
  2. im thinking battlelog also, or maybe a website. shit i cant remember. Im old.
  3. ohhhh, can't wait....have not been able to play for a while.
  4. Montana Des Moines Worcester Gearing Harugumo Shimakaze Z52 Yueyang Khabarovsk Grozovoi Moskva researched just have not purchased. Very close to Minotaur, I might even have it researched.
  5. Is anyone playing the new COD battle royale?? It looks pretty cool...
  6. This is Scout last year, he is quite a bit larger now. The others are Stella (the grey) and Frisco (little white one).
  7. Thanks Bronx and Danius for your hard work and dedication...you guys are the "men behind the curtain"....lol that sounded funny but you know what I mean!
  8. That's awesome Scags, Thank You.