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  1. Kraknar

    Training (Edit) (Editx2)

    It's Kraknarr in Origin because... reasons...
  2. Kraknar

    Training (Edit) (Editx2)

    Currently PDT, or GMT -7 US west coast.
  3. Kraknar

    Training (Edit) (Editx2)

    If our timezones line up, I would be glad to run around with ya and teach whatever I can.
  4. Kraknar

    Space Force

  5. Kraknar

    Space Force

  6. Kraknar

    Space Force

  7. Kraknar

    Community Poll #5: How do you Commute?

    Car... I don't have the extra several hours it takes to do anything around here via bus.
  8. Kraknar


  9. Kraknar

    Sea of thiefs cheat cheat

    That's nice to have, we had found another one as well.
  10. Kraknar

    [OFFICIAL] Roll Call!

    Somebody said something about punch and pie?