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    Meetings will be held at 1500 EST and 2000 EST
  2. Scripts and Tips

    Welcome to the Fighting 13th Script Collection and Mission Making Tips. Please feel free to post and/or contribute any Arma 3 scripts or Mission Making Tips and they will be added to this top post for easy access as long as they follow the guidelines or are determined to be useful. Rules: Scripts should be short and sweet. We don't want your whole mission file just the little pieces that make your life easier. (Respawn, arsenals, ambient lights, etc) A short description of what the script does and any requirements it may have. (Requires separate sqf, place in unit init, etc) Tips should be short and concise as well. We are not looking for guides but potential shortcuts, little known hotkeys, and other similar things. Scripts Arsenal This script allows for any unit or object to give access to the arsenal through the vanilla interaction menu. Must be placed in the unit or objects init this addaction ["Arsenal", { ["Open",true] call BIS_fnc_arsenal; }]; Tips Missions do not need to be compressed into a .pbo to run on the server This can be helpful as it means you or the server admins can edit any scripts you may have in the mission file while on server rather than submitting a new .pbo every time you change something

    I think that's a great way of structuring it and I'd like to see how well we manage it!
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