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  1. I approve of this application.
  2. I approve of this application.
  3. Guten Tag! Welcome man, I also love drinking
  4. Stixx

    Sunday Squad Up!


    Squad leader reporting for duty
  5. Stixx

    Training (Edit) (Editx2)

    Yeah sounds great. I'm bad at flying aswel. Could help with sniping if anyone wants
  6. Stixx

    Holiday Play

    I have some obligated Christmas stuff Richie
  7. Stixx

    Holiday Play

    What day is boxing day?
  8. Hey @LazyBuzzard86 good to have you with us man! Was fun playing with you yesterday and hopefully we can have some great battles together. Next time you can sing to us while we run to our deaths
  9. Stixx

    Battlefield V: Are you getting it?

    Got it and blastin' fools