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  1. What about battlefield 4?
  2. Stormwolfe deserves that member of the month and even year if there was one. Really good example of a man to all and a great member of the community. I wish his family the best in their times of need. Rest in Peace Stormwolfe, you'll always be a part of this community.
  3. I will say that star trek for the characters and for mankind to be space-faring together regardless of all. But, we are talking about the movies here and not the series so.
  4. Starship Troopers just for the weird pooping magma jet sniper bugs.
  5. Congrats! I forgot these ribbons were even a thing still.
  6. Warships with scags talking about that one full nelson video and listening to metal while doing so.
  7. This is probably my favorite thread in the clan.
  8. One big ship carrier < a thousand little smash face torpedo fucks
  9. Yeah but whats a presentation worth if the game sucks in the end? haha. In marketing the biggest thing is that you can have the best marketing in the world, but if the product sucks then there is nothing marketing can do for it.
  10. I can't base an opinion on games that haven't even come out yet, you know how developers love to polish something for these reveals and then it looks nothing like the E3 conference or things have been changed or lied about. I do have confidence in Cyberpunk given the studio that is making it and Rekiro and Spiderman look very promising. Death Stranding keeps teasing us but man, we have no idea what the hell the game is about after all these years. The rest are follow ups to previous games, so they're just more graphically better versions with slight alterations and story.