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  1. [OFFICIAL] Introduce Yourself to the Community!

    Ayyyyy another one, welcome my son. Man I miss airsoft, I'd get back into it but the community for it quite sucks at times.
  2. [OFFICIAL] Introduce Yourself to the Community!

    Name - Global in Training, Papi, that one Cuban Country - the great USA-h Age - 24 Occupation - Lead Graphic Designer at a small agency in Miami Date of joining the clan - Ugh 2016 December Divisions been in - Too many (Battlefield 1, WoWs, Squad, X-Ray Strategy and Squad) and dabble in other division events such as Star Citizen, Arma 3, RS6, etc. I'm that one hispanic guy of the clan, it's like a trophy wife except I get down with my homies. I love to drink and I am currently learning German as I am visiting this year. Perhaps I will move there as well as I am tired of Miami living, it's far too much of a headache dealing with things here. I dabble in a lot of interests (cars, music, science, firearms, and many others but I'm no expert in any of them).
  3. [POLL] Poll #1: How do you like your coffee?

    THANK YOU! Someone who appreciates true artistry!
  4. Pirate games

    I'd play SoT but it's windows 10. Damn, I knew I should have gotten the OS when I had the chance.
  5. [POLL] Poll #1: How do you like your coffee?

    I like my coffee Cuban, you savages.
  6. Last post wins V42

  7. Last post wins V42

    That's hot, I meannnn *insert gif here*
  8. Discord Integration

  9. Last post wins V42

    0* might be the better answer.
  10. newstest

    #TeamNonsense is taking applications.
  11. newstest

    I was part of the previous secret santa (2016) do I get a ribbon?
  12. Stellaris - Strategy Center

    This thread is dedicated to discussing tips and strategies for Stellaris as the topic indicates already. A lot can factor in a strategy so feel free to give as much information and context as possible for your strategies. Some things to consider is how your race is built, the version of the game, and the DLCs needed for it. I myself do not have much experience with the game (less than a week) but what I found has worked is looking at videos of mistakes beginners make and looking everything you do not know on the official Wikipedia. My strategies: Something I've noticed has helped me a lot as a fanatic xenophile player is having my research faster than most so I have access to ways of defending myself if needed with the proper tech to defend. Surveying in a line to dictate how far you can spread your empire and have intel on enemy locations. 2 Survey ships at the start has proven to be handy especially with the exploration traditions. Build infrastructure from the start, forget about military and consider the costs of stations vs planet buildings. Plan your military on chokepoints as enemies will have to go through them in order to reach your home world. Don't be afraid to switch around scientists according to their traits, this applies to fleet admirals too.