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  1. Bebris

    October 2018 Newsletter

    Get outta here with them old ass ribbonz... medalz is where its at
  2. Bebris

    August 2018 Newsletter

  3. Bebris

    Social Outreach

    Personally, i think it's really hard to have social media plus twitch/youtube become succesful, so ,personally, i think that nothing beats good 'ol - going on the specific games / sites and recruit members through dm-ing / forum crawling... but hey.. if the social media thing hits off ,the effect is greater (quite hard to get that going though)
  4. Bebris

    Community Poll #9: How did you hear about us?

    On p4f forums literally made a thread "looking for clan" and @Ninja contacted me.. been here since
  5. Bebris

    Half a decade already.....

    Most of the bullshitery we did with the group in p4f (you know the group ;) ) congrats on the 5 years mate
  6. Bebris

    Community Poll #5: How do you Commute?

    Since i recently got a car.. using it mostly for driving to uni now
  7. i dunno why but German feels very similar to English for me (and Latvian - pronunciation-wise) ... i guess that's the plus side of being a polyglot
  8. 5 languages Latvian - mothertongue Russian - out of necessity English - during childhood had english cartoons and mates online German(a bit) - school and extra classes cause parents thought im good at it Latin - uni
  9. Bebris

    CAH clone

    I'd deffinately be down to play if i dont have exam sessions and stuff at that time (im starting to hate medicine)
  10. Bebris

    CAH clone

    Needs voice chat tho so phones dont work as well
  11. Bebris

    Community Poll #2: Favorite Team Sport?

    Mount your friends irl... yes
  12. Bebris

    Last post wins V42

    Thats why the old squad leads havent come in such a long time.. dutch forgot the 3 pirouettes
  13. Oh.. thought i was the only one who played shadowverse .. anyways, welcome to the *cough*trap*cough* group that is the 13th
  14. Bebris

    [OFFICIAL] Roll Call!

    We're all bebris now
  15. Nickname - bebris (or beb for short) Name - Imants Bebris (guess where my nickname came from ) Country - Latvia 21 years old medicine student that has seen alot of stuff in this community I'm still unsure what is my role in the 13th.. but hey i'm ok with it I really like to play my guitar (mostly focusing on finger picking on my acoustic right now) (insert a fingering A minor joke here) Divisions ive been in: Battlefield play4free (eagles for life boy, none of that knock off marauders squad) >bf3>arma2>arma3(for a bit)>reserves Been here for uhh 6 or 7 years ? Dont remember... You will now and then see my 2 cents show up in the discord chat.. please dont hate me for having a minority opinion P.s. people like to call me a weeb which is sadly true