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  1. Bebris

  2. I didnt realise p4f was short lived 😂 was the culmination for me in the 13th
  3. Oh damn.. was a year full of stuff happening i guess
  4. I love @BillyBantam short intro.. its straight to the point and not too flashy
  5. Get outta here with them old ass ribbonz... medalz is where its at
  6. Personally, i think it's really hard to have social media plus twitch/youtube become succesful, so ,personally, i think that nothing beats good 'ol - going on the specific games / sites and recruit members through dm-ing / forum crawling... but hey.. if the social media thing hits off ,the effect is greater (quite hard to get that going though)
  7. On p4f forums literally made a thread "looking for clan" and @Ninja contacted me.. been here since
  8. Most of the bullshitery we did with the group in p4f (you know the group ;) ) congrats on the 5 years mate
  9. Since i recently got a car.. using it mostly for driving to uni now
  10. i dunno why but German feels very similar to English for me (and Latvian - pronunciation-wise) ... i guess that's the plus side of being a polyglot
  11. 5 languages Latvian - mothertongue Russian - out of necessity English - during childhood had english cartoons and mates online German(a bit) - school and extra classes cause parents thought im good at it Latin - uni
  12. I'd deffinately be down to play if i dont have exam sessions and stuff at that time (im starting to hate medicine)