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  1. Hi all! First of all I'd like to thank you for becoming a member at FT13 - Shouts to @Capt_Teek! I'm Warrior11 (real name Endre, Andrew in english speaking areas or just call me Edy) just freshly recruited/joined the FT13 WoWs crew. I am from Hungary but it is complicated (was broth up in exYugoslavia, experienced a bit of the Balkanian war..etc.) Working as a Graphic Designer for a Football Team here in Hungary (MOL VIDI FC), previously worked at several Advertising agencies (give me a shout if ya need any help regarding design, illustration or drinking beer/shots/whateveryoumxmeup in a sec ) Hobby/all sorts of stuff: WU-Tang, NWA, PE, Pantera, STAR WARS, STAR TREK, KRIEGSMARINE, Graffiti...and i could go on. Gaming: In the early days i have played Battlefield 1942 a lot and BF2 (miss those days), played CS for more than 3 years in a Hungarian clan. C&C generals, Red Alert where time eating years :). Half Life and all the followups of this franchise, loved it. Fallout series from the very beginnings loved the story the missions and all the crazy stuff in them. First infection of WG games started when they released WOT :), then the plans came and finally the ships . Playing Wows from the very beginnings from the stone age as we might say . WoWs: I am dedicated to the German tech line even though they are hard to play and the IJN DD line but not closed off to other nations So that is me in a nutshell GL and GH all! W11
  2. Age 42 Gender Male Location Hungary Microphone Yes Discord Username warrior11 Steam username w4rr1or76 Referrer Capt_Teek How did you hear about us? Playing WoWs and Capt_Teek contacted me. Hours of availability Depends on the amount of wor i have to do as a Graphic Designer. But usually 4-6hrs a week maybe more if needed. Why do you want to join us? I was contacted by a recruiter of your own and i'd like to contribute to the FT_13 clan in WoWs. Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? Graphic Design, 3D modeling, illustration and all sorts of creative stuff. Additional information I am not a fanatic gamer, just playing for fun sometimes when i do have time beside my job and family life. I am happy to help you guys in any means regarding creative stuff and of course to the FT_13 clan in WOWs Additional information