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    Callsign: Daybreak ASH Team Leader/Medic or ANVIL Operator (Autorifleman)
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    Medic right here.
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  4. Yeah, I'm fairly far up north in Sweden. EDIT: Don't know why it thinks I'm in Jokkmokk, I'm in Arvidsjaur. Also, are you guys in Skellefteå? In that case I'm not winning by much haha @Scags @[13th] Exiduslol
  5. Great newsletter! Noteworthy mentions was an interesting addition ?
  6. I don't recall the specifics, but I remember googling something about BF3 clans and somehow ended up here a long time ago.
  7. My thoughts go to Stormwolfe and his family. Great content! Already looking forward to the next newsletter
  8. Shit, it’s Gardner! Welcome back! Hit me up on Discord and we'll get you back in the loop.
  9. I, Klobbson, first of my name, creator of holes and patcher of the same, challenge you all to attend a gentlemanly two versus two tournament to the death! Rules are the following: Greet your opponents before the game in a gentlemanly fashion. Only small arms and knives, a gentleman deals with his opponents looking into the whites of their eyes. Stay inside the Arena. Communication is handled through the in-game voice and radio. Each match ends when one of the pairs is dead on the ground. The tournament ends when only one pair of gentlemen is left standing. For those of you that wish to freshen up on your basic controls, maybe learn a little on how to use the Squad Lead interface show up at least a good 30 minutes before the event start and we'll walk and talk you through those things. Sign up now, or live in shame! Pairs will be randomised and announced at 1830CEST on saturday.
  10. Not so much the case for me, talking it feels sort of natural as it is a Germanic language just like both Swedish and English. It's more that I don't really grasp the grammar and my vocabulary is just not good enough.
  11. I claim this thread in the name of King Carl Gustav, 16th of his name, General of the Swedish Armed Forces, Bringer of the Folkhem, Hunter of Submarines, Warden of IKEA, Sayer of Ne and the Knug of Dslyecitcs!
  12. I'd say I know two languages. The third is only partial so it doesn't count. 1. Swedish, native 2. English, from school since I was 7 years old plus what I've gathered from playing games as a child up to now. 3. German, I can read German pretty well I dare say. Studied German for a year and it's mostly some words that are too different from Swedish or English that I don't really understand. Can't talk or write it for shit though.
  13. until