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  2. Hi everyone! My name is Clement, I'm 32. I started playing fps with Half Life back in 1998 when some of the members of this community were still wearing diapers 🙂 I've played rpgs (Baldur's Gate 2 is arguably my all-time favorite game along with Fallout 2) and rts a lot. I kind of stopped playing on PC over the past 10 years or so (switched to console out of simplicity) but recently re-discovered that life is too short to be wasting your time playing Xbox one. I unfortunately don't have as much time as some of you guys allocated to gaming, have to find the right balance between work and a (very tolerant 🙂) wife. But I'm definitely willing and able to spend a couple of hours a week on bf5! What else? I love hiking and other outdoor activities. I'm a also decent skier (I wish I could play bf5 as well as I can ski). I'm a history enthusiast, especially military history. Btw I have some nice reading recommendations about WW1 and WW2 if anyone is interested. Ok that's about it!
  3. Age 32 Gender Male Location NYC Microphone Yes Discord Username clmg Origin Name abho_clm Referrer Baboking How did you hear about us? Friend Hours of availability On weekdays after 8pm-9pm usually. Sunday afternoon. Total a couple of hours a week Why do you want to join us? Being part of a community is always a better experience in my opinion, especially with bf5 where the squad play is vital. And it adds a "social dimension" which is nice. Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? Not really to be honest. Above all I want to have fun playing while making my best for the team to win. Additional information Started playing fps with half life. Most of my multiplayer experience dates back to the counter strike era. I recently bought a new PC (played on PS3 and Xbox one in the meantime out of simplicity) and am super excited with bf5!