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  1. Chris P Bacon

    December 2018 Newsletter

    Congratulations @Capt_Teek Well deserved
  2. Chris P Bacon

    Sea of Thieves Group

    fill out
  3. There is enough sales thru the year, for me to bother with it. I buy stuff when I need it. I don't wait around for a year just so I can save a few $
  4. Chris P Bacon

    Battlefield V: Are you getting it?

    I need a new computer, but I will still log in and have some fun. Use me as cannon fodder or first in the door until then
  5. Chris P Bacon

    Tac Tuesday: Dunkirk

  6. Chris P Bacon

    [APPROVED] Captain_Zomaru Application [SoT]

    I approve
  7. Chris P Bacon

    Movember 'Stash'

    Giant sideburns and mustache
  8. Chris P Bacon

    Last post wins V42

  9. Chris P Bacon

    Community Poll #12: Fictional Captains

    I have spent more hours with Captain Morgan, than I have with any other captains. Would be unfair not to give him my vote