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  1. [POLL] Poll #1: How do you like your coffee?

    Do a poll about what next weeks poll should be about
  2. Pirate games

    NEVER BUY RETAIL Microsoft anything at all!
  3. Pirate games

    I gave him a few links to stores with 10/10 rep and both oem and retail for 10-20$ But there seems to be some resitance. I think @thebronxbomber just want a excuse to buy a Xbox one. And i am all for it, as long as there will be pirate play.
  4. Pirate games

    Get upgrading ya scurwy duck-knee'd dung munchin' crap sacks! Lemme spell it out for ye. Windows 10 upgrade for free. Skipped? You pay now, ye chimp faced rotatin' snot rags !
  5. Last post wins V42

  6. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Release Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One
  7. [OFFICIAL] Introduce Yourself to the Community!

    Chris P Bacon Norway Not unit, no position (for now) My unit was killed off at new years 17/18 (ESO) I joined about two years ago i think. Or soon? My other aliases is ChrisCroz, Jancs and Amonan I play most games, but right now I have high hopes for Sea of thiefs Old as the rivers, younger than the mountains. Favorite hobbies outside gaming is drinking
  8. [POLL] Poll #1: How do you like your coffee?

    Cream is for kittens
  9. [POLL] Poll #1: How do you like your coffee?

    Have a option on the beer poll, for I drink them all!
  10. Pirate games

    Not on steam no. Sea of thiefs is released thou Microsoft Its a play anywhere title, so its for xbox and Windows They only release play anywhere titles on their platform The other one is a Ubisoft title
  11. Last post wins V42

    Duck duck goose
  12. Pirate games

    So do I. So do I
  13. Pirate games

    Pirate games Let try and find the ultimate multiplayer pirate game So far SoT is awesome fun Beta for Skull and bones signups